Asymmetric bathtub from Cabrits

Bathtubs nowadays tend to differentiate themselves from traditional tub designs. They are more delicate and they have shapes that follow the human body’s contour thus being very comfortable. This particular bathtub is part of the Cabrits Collection. It’s a modern tub with an asymmetrical shape and delicate curved lines.

The Cabrits bathtub features a double dip design and attempts to introduce a revolutionary bathing experience. This tub is more than just a stylish product. Its curves are reminiscent of the volcanoes from the Caribbean National Park so the idea behind its design is deeper than it seems. The tub has an ergonomic form and a shape designed to fit the body perfectly. The shape of the tub was designed to offer support for the mid and lower back and to offer an optimal position for the user.

This stylish bathtub was designed to suit all the areas of a home. It has a delicate silhouette and a sculptural shape that make it suitable for both bathrooms and bedrooms. Regardless of its location, the Cabrits bathtub will be a focal point for the décor. Not only that it looks stylish but it also offers a luxurious bathing experience. The dimensions of the tub are L 1739 mm W 745mm H 561mm. It has a capacity of 176 liters and when it’s empty it only weights 63 kg. The minimalism of the design and the beautiful curves make this tub one of the most elegant and stylish ones you can find.

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