“Aqua Vita” Washbasin

Who would have thought about a washbasin manufactured from sheet material like Thermowood, Corian or metal? The entire concept becomes something lightweight and elegant at the same time. Once you see this fantastic piece, you already imagine water flowing down freely. At the same time, the amazing idea makes us think about a unique attractive art or a playground that makes us smile. In spite of the artistic dimension, the washbasin in the picture proves to have an industrial design, original and well thought.

The fact that it is similar with the classic washbasin and different at the same time makes the product even more appealing. It is both simple and complex, being one of the smartest concepts related to this kind of furniture. The shape and color are so attractive that it makes you want it in your own house.

It is definitely among the objects that you fall in love with at the first sight and you feel the need to have it at home. Wood works attract even the most critical eye and it is also the case with the “Aqua Vita” washbasin; as water is essential, so are some products related to it, no matter it is in your own bathroom, kitchen or somewhere else. It is not only a necessary object; it is also an art form that provides a new perspective over the common things around us that were invented in order improve our lives.{found on behance}.

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