Another gold finishes washbasin unit from Legnobagno

Vanity 5 is a very elegant washbasin unit. It was designed for Legnobagno and it’s part of the Style Collection. The wooden washbasin unit has a very delicate and elegant design. It features curved lines and a very beautiful and alluring silhouette. The unit has a design reminiscent of the traditional shapes and motifs. However, this traditional design has a modern twist.Vanity 5 is entirely crafted with bent multilayer wood. Another interesting thing about it that it’s handmade so each piece is unique. Each vanity unit has its own character and history and there might be very small variations. The vanity unit is made of walnut wood. It has a compact structure and a strong and durable construction. It’s an accent piece that stands out with its elegance.

The vanity unit features a lacquered finish and it’s available in a series of different colors, both bright and dull. Since it has such an elegant shape and such a chic design, the unit would be best complemented by a similarly stylish top sink, perhaps something in marble or glass.

The unit presented in the pictures features a gloss black structure and its drawers have a gold leaf finish. The top is integrated glass with gold leaf finish. It’s a particularly eye-catching model, both in terms of color and design. The combination of black and gold is classic ad timeless and further enhances the unit’s beauty.

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