An entire bathroom hidden in a wall

Some details related to our homes are just basics and nobody thinks of changing that or reinventing them. For example, the bathroom is a very well-defined space. Although some modern and contemporary interior designs have incorporated the bathroom into the master bedroom for example and the two spaces are separated by nothing more than a partial wall, there’s still a clear distinction between them. So seeing the new concept that Modular Bathroom proposes is more than just a little unconventional.

This concept impresses on many levels. The idea is basically that you’d have a bathroom hidden in a modular wall. It will be completely out of sight when not used or needed and this way you can use the space as a living room for example. An entire bathroom hidden inside a wall sounds like a wonderful way of saving space. It would be an exceptional option for small apartments or tiny homes. Of course, in this case it’s about more than just that.

This is bathroom that was meant to impress. It gives you the opportunity to transform this room into so much more than just an area dominated by functionality. You can turn it into your oasis of relaxation. The idea is to focus more on the concepts of relaxation and entertainment than on pure function. You’ll have everything you need in a bathroom and it will all be on that wall. The rest of the space can be your sanctuary. You can even take the bathroom out of the equation by letting the wall swallow it completely.

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