Amazing Toilets and Bidets Collection from Stile

The bathroom is the second place where we spend time after a busy day. Having a modern bathroom today, is really simply if we have a big enough budget.Stile an Italian company launched a Decorative Toilets and Bidets collection called Mosaiko which comes in amazing colors like glitzy gold, pretty pastel lilac and grey, dark and dramatic brown and black.The white and black design looks awesome in combination with reciprocal colors. What is characteristic for these bathroom collections is the combination of classic toilet and bidet, which is mostly used in Arab countries. Any way, I find it interesting and offering you the possibility to choose, which is great. The collections are called Mosaiko because they seem to replicate the old technique of mosaique, that is the bidets and the toilets are covered in little bits of coloured tiles that make them more attractive and eye-catchy. You can choose the right colour that will match the design of your bathroom and also combine them with an expensive, but really good looking marble flooring or some expensive black tiles for the bathroom walls.



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