Amazing Ideas for Dreamy Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathroom tiles have come a long way from the plain ones that likely lined the bathroom of your childhood. Today’s bathroom tile designs can be textured, vivid, metallic or natural, and above all, they are spectacular. Designers are creating  innovative sizes and shapes that can be used alone or in combination to create one-of-a-kind designs. The recent spate of design shows has allowed Homedit to gather up a collection of some of the most beautiful tiles to fuel your bathroom tile ideas.

Blue premium-quality glass mosaic from TREND

Bathroom Tile design from 0 Glasspoint Krzemien ready made mosaic pattern

Mosaic designs are one of the most dramatic choices for bathroom tiles on a wall. In this case, the wall is a canvas for the design of your dreams, be it abstract, realistic or geometric. Companies like GlassPoint Marcin Krzemień of Poland create stunning motifs, but also offer custom bathroom tile designs. The small nature of mosaics allows accurate renderings of photos and images because they are almost like pixels. Using small glass cubes (25x25mm or 11x11mm cubes) they craft installations like these that never fail to amaze.

The image of a tree ablaze with autumn leaves is a grand bathroom tile idea.The ancient mosaic technique is like working with today’s digital pixels.Subtle variations in the image are possible when using these tiny mosaic tiles.Each little square plays a vital role in making the final image true to form.Incorporating tiles that have a metallic or dichroic shine add dimension to a tilescape.Using a landscape image allows you to have a wide variety of colors in the bathroom.The image on the wall extends all the way to the edge of the built-in bathtub.

Shimmery metallics of all shapes, sizes and textures add allure to a room, whether used as an accent or for an entire surface treatment. A company born from ironwork, DeCastelli now collaborates with architects and designers to create its stunning bathroom tile designs. The company’s collections include a wide variety of metallic designs that are versatile as well as visually interesting. This first design includes not only a ridged texture but also a variety of shades and geometric patterns that lend an air of art deco to the tile design.

Various shades of metallics used in one arrangement add dimension and style.

Small metallic squares make up this tile, each little section being tinted with various amounts of shading and a geometric texture. The Square 50 lends dimension and depth to a space that is often very plain — the bathroom wall. The little squares cast light and shadow, which is enhanced by  the délabre, or broken down, finishes. On the right, the Copycat tile designed by Cino Zucchi features hexagons of metallic mosaic, including iron, copper and brass. The melange of finishes is a sophisticated bathroom tile surface for any decor style.

Designer Cino Zucchi earned his design degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A slightly different design is Square 30, which is composed of tiny punch-cut pieces. The small molded squares create an elegant mosaic that is three-dimensional and enhances the reflectivity of the materials used. These bathroom tiles are also appropriate for the floor or for the shower walls.

Textured tiles are dramatic as an accent or as a full surface.

This collection of tiles is not shiny or metallic, but they are just as interesting. Each one has a different pattern or texture and variegated color. The quilt-like assemblage is colorful and matte, creating a lively wall of bathroom tiles for a master or family bathroom.

The feminine pinks are paired with dark gray textures, neutral geometries and charteuse accents.The color of these unique bathroom tiles is earthy yet vibrant.

Earthy orange and terra cotta colors are combined with primitive drawings to create alluring yet understated bathroom tiles. These can certainly be used for accents as well as a full tiling. De Castelli’s bathroom tiles are the product of design and technological innovations that have enable it to produce tiles that are increasingly unique, thanks to artisanal skills and  a meticulous process.

Gold is used for the drawing on these tiles, which lends it an almost ancient feel.Simply textured metallic hexagons are a luxurious yet understated option for bathroom tiles.

Not all luxurious bathroom tiles come in metallics. These light and neutral designs come from MADE+39, which draws on the worlds of Italian fashion and traditional handcrafting to create its bathroom tile designs. This is the Aquerello collection, which is inspired by expressive watercolor painting. The 30x30cm tiles feature the artist’s color palette of delicate hues applied to porcelain stoneware that creates a delicate feel.

Pastel, watery hues are perfect for a serene feeling bathroom.Pale blues and flesh tones create a neutral palette that is soothing.A textured pattern adds depth and interest to a serene palette for these bathroom tiles.Geometric, but slightly organic, these tiles are reminiscent of quilt squares.Geometric designs create a modern, yet retro kind of bathroom tile construction.

A little mosaic, a little painterly — Asian tile designs by Bisazza are a very artful choice for bathroom tile. This design is gilded and intricate, a mosaic that features a very traditional Asian motif. Bisazza is known for exceptional interior and exterior luxury glass mosaics. In the past few years, the company has expanded, offering new materials created through a fusion of craftsmanship and innovative processes.

The tiny gilded tiles in the figures contrast with the neutral tile background.Traditional Asian motifs are best revered with small mosaic tiles.

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At the more organic end of the spectrum are bathroom tile designs that looks like these. This one was designed by architect and designer David Rockwell, who is Founder and President of the Rockwell Group in New York. Called the Quadrate/End Grain B&W, it is a painterly design that focuses on gentle lines and varying spaces.

Neutral colors and organic lines create a pleasing, fluid pattern.

A more traditional geometric pattern is the Postunia design in the company’s Marmo collection. The black and white pinwheel geometry is classic and  modern at the same time. The color palette is always appropriate and the angular shapes are classic for bathroom tile design.

Designs like these last through the ages.

A neutral color palette does not have to be boring as these bathroom tiles demonstrate. Irregular alignment of grayscale squares and rectangles create a pleasing pattern that is versatile and modern. This is a wonderful choice bathroom tile idea for modern or contemporary home.

Shades of gray color modular sections of tile that exude a modern vibe.

While Bisazza offers plenty of standard tile designs, custom mosaics are sure to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom tile design. The intermingling of different colors, graded within different hues, yields a distinctive decor that never goes out of style. Using small mosaic tiles to create artful works dates back to the third millennium BC!

A checkerboard of different colors morphs into a spectacular wall design.

The Tiburtina model is an alternative to a traditional geometric design. The marble squared off triangles make for a modern motif that is appropriate for any bathroom. Either as a floor surface or a wall covering, these tiles are very stylish and cultured.

The color palette is also extra versatile.Different colors of marble in the design change the feeling of the wall or floor on which it is used.Hexagons of various colors of marble can create a bold pattern for a surface.The interplay of different hues accents the marble veining within each.

More modern and funky, “Square” is from Bisazza’s Cementiles collection by Fernanado & Humberto Campana. The irregular circular design on each tile has an organic feel because it is actually a hand-painted retro take on a slice of agate. The Campana Brothers are well known in the design word for their furnishings and other home decor  items and here have taken their skill and panache to the tile world, creating this great option for bathroom tiles.

This bathroom tile design comes in four different colors, chosen to be like the colors of Brazilian agate.

Shaded patterns of geometric designs are a thoroughly modern take on the old art of mosaic and this particular example is a really fun bathroom tile design. The combination of vibrant colors, metallic sheen and interesting geometry is a statement-making wall for a bathroom and needs no other adornment.

Expert craftspeople transform shades of blue, purple and gold into an exception grid design.

Gemstones were also the inspiration for this bathroom tile design called New Malachite Green, designed by Australian Greg Natale. His award-winning interior design practice is a leading design brand in that country, now extending its reach with collaborations like this one with Bisazza. The irregular shapes and sizes of the slices in the design lend it a mod yet natural air. Natale also designed the Fragment Gold design for the Opus Romano Collection, and it looks like gold cracks through a fragmented white surface…stunning!

This design is created with 10 x 10 mm mosaic tiles.The gold that forms the design is outlined in subtle neutral tiles to add depth to the motif.The shiny metallic mosaic tiles carve a sparkling path through the neutral tile base.

This mosaic tile has a more subtle level of sparkle and is perfect for the Damasco Oro Giallo design, developed by Italian  architect and designer, Carlo Dal Bianco. Bianco began collaborating with Bisazza in 2001 on the master plan for and Bisazza Foundation corporate headquarters and has designed 13 global flagship stores for the company. This design is inspired by damask fabric, which is typically simple in color and complex in textures, which is represented here by the organically moving white tile pattern. This bathroom tile design is perfect for modern or more traditional style bathrooms.

Subtle shine and subdued colors do not mean less drama for bathroom tile designs.The pattern is organic and meandering.

Speaking of organic, many homeowners prefer a more natural look for the bathroom and there are a huge number of innovative new options available for a more natural look.  Today’s bathroom tile designs can have an organic feel and still incorporate colors, designs and metallics. Cotto Etrusco hand presses natural clay materials and fire in solar-powered kilns using wood that is collected from ethically managed forests. The sustainable practices are used with innovation and techniques based on traditional Italian handcrafting. The result is a full range of very tactile — and attractive — clay tiles.

The Company’s Terre Ossidate collection was developed based on a completely new concept for applying color on Terracotta. The process uses as special low temperature firing that creates a totally ecological tile that has subtle colors that still allow the natural qualities of the clay tile to be the focus. The natural, neutral surfaces would make great bathroom tiles for a spa-like retreat.

Contrasting geometric designs applied are applied to clay tiles in a special coloring process.Even when entirely tinted, the natural flaws and features of the hand-crafted clay tiles are visible.

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Like a faded fresco from ages gone by, some of Cotto Etrusco’s tiles are painted and glazed in a way that implies age and art. The colors are muted and thanks to the hand-application technique, no two are alike, foregoing uniformity and embracing individuality. The glazes too are subtle, and vary in the level of gloss across the tiles.

These prints bathroom tiles have an aged appearance.The techniques can be used to create more modern-looking tiles as well.Specially mixed colors combine oxides, crystalline additives and glazes.

Of course, the fully natural look is always in vogue for bathroom tile designs. The Terracotta Natural collection is totally handcrafted and the clay is left to dry naturally for 20 days before the edges are finished. After that, the tiles are fired in wood-burning stone kilns for ten days. The ancient process contributes to the range of warm, earthy colors of the tiles.

natural and neutral, these bathroom tiles are a great base for many styles of decor.Subtle color and a light sheen of glaze can be applied to natural terra cotta tiles.

For color lovers, there are lots of bathroom tile ideas, such as these lively painted designs from Ceramica Francesco de Maio of Italy. Part of the Mélange ‘900 tile collection, vibrant colors are used in designs similar to those used in traditional carpets. Techniques passed down through generations of artisans created these highly decorated tiles, which are typical in Vietrian ceramic production. Of course, the company also produces designs that are more modern, appealing to a wider range of customers looking for bathroom tile ideas.

The colors used are classics in this tradition of ceramic tiles.Modern bathroom tile designs often include flowers and plants like this cactus.Tropical plants are very popular, especially for lovers of “Jungalow” decor. These are larger format tiles.Varying types of flora give off different vibes.This green tile motif gives off a mid-century modern feeling, thanks to the style of the graphic.Muted colors and a smaller design repeat are also good qualities for a bathroom tile.

Artful and innovative bathroom tile designs can be found at the Trend Group, which was created by Dr. Pino Bisazza and Andrea Di Giuseppe and melds Italian artistic tradition, respect resources, and modern innovative technologies. The Group has more than 700 global employees who focus on the artistic integrity of its Venetian glass foundry, the Angelo Orsoni Furnace.

The group artistically displays its tile designs, providing inspiration for bathroom tile ideas.Glass mosaic tiles can be customized in any installation to highlight existing features, like this window.

Mixing large-scale artful mosaic designs with large solid colored tiles is a modern application of tile artistry. Like orderly square tiles that create an almost digital rendering of an image, the mosaic design here is composed of varying size, hand-cut glass tiles. This creates a more organic and free-wheeling ambiance that has an edge compared to a standard mosaic design. These types of installations are great bathroom tile ideas when you want something that will make a statement and dominate the space.

The large format tiles n the wall help highlight the mosaic design, even though they are the same color.An entire wall design is created with random sized mosaic tiles, yielding an artful look.Tiling the rest of the wall in a tile with a standard shape complements the artful construction.

Glass tiles combined painted with a palm design are combined with an accent graphic that has the same shape and feel as the green fronds. It’s a modern pairing that breaks up the large expanse of palm motifs and allows for a second section in a smaller scale. The dramatic look is perfect for a larger space and is full of inspiration for bathroom tile ideas in your home.

Mixing the same print in different scales is a sophisticated way to play with one pattern.The hand-painted design is vibrant and artistic.Printed tiles can be used on the floor to continue a pattern and unify the room.

An organically shaped design of the same shape of tile but in a different color can create drama without adding a print or other decorative motif. Here, the hexagons in two color ways create an amorphous section that has its own artistic value. It is a fitting backdrop for bold accessories like this bouquet of navy blue roses. Bathroom tiles could achieve the same concept when paired with similar colored towels or accessories.

This type of tile wall can stand up to bold accents because there is no competing motif.

At the contemporary and modern end of the spectrum, using techniques like back lighting behind sections of bathroom tiles creates a soothing ambiance. Conversely, an energetic color on the wall, like a vivid orange, is paired with two styles of tiles in complementary neutral hues. Exposing an irregular section of wall adds drama and a bold feature to a wall of bathroom tile. This same concept would work with a black and white pattern just as well.

Bathroom tile is a good choice for a bold statement wall.

New bathroom tile ideas have plenty of inspiring products for even more conservative homeowners. Vidrepur Glass Mosaic has beautiful scallop shell designs in a w



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