Aerodynamical Bathroom by Andrey Bondarenko

A wash basin and a W.C pan, these two should always be fitted together because, as we all know, it is very important to always wash your hands after using the lavatory. Both inspired by the famous car studio Pininfarina. Designed by Andrey Bondarenko of 2-B-2 Architecture, feature Aerodynamical forms, fast and sporty, these 2 piece of furniture comes in two colors: fresh green (the symbol of life,) and scarlet (a traditional racing color).


I honestly don’t know what else to say about this collection.  I don’t even know what to think about it. It’s so…surprising and odd. I like the colors and the wash basin but overall it’s to odd. I’m not sure if I should love it or hate it.



I guess it could look good in a modern bathroom or in a very colorful place. You could include these pieces in your home but I don’t think they could match with anything. They would better fit in a public space, in a club or anywhere else. They have a very strange shape that makes them look suspicious. Their aspect makes you think like something is missing. They look more like toys than like actual functional features that can be used in the bathroom.{found on yankodesign}

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