add-On Modular Radiator from Tubes

Sometimes I think that people who design things you need around the house don’t have any inspiration and imagination whatsoever, but they only concentrate on the practicality of the item. Or at least that what what I thought when I was looking for new radiators for my home. All of them had absolutely the same shape and design and only differed very little in size. But my house is pretty singular and the  rooms in it are very different both as size and design, so I needed different radiators for each. Finally I gave up my dream and bought regular ones, but I did find this incredible modular radiator on the internet, even if it is only a concept and I am not sure where and if they sell the product.

This modern heater is designed by Satyendra Pakhale for Tubes. It is supposed to be modular, so you can combine the number of elements that suits your purpose and then mount it on the wall and then attach it to the heating system. This way you will have the heater of your dreams that looks perfect and is very practical, too. You can use your imagination and obtain heaters of different shapes and even colours and turn them into reals works of art.

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You can use these special heaters in any room and nobody will ever guess this is not some art design exhibit, but a nice heater. If you want more technical details about the product, check the Tubes web site.



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