A Wonderful Dream Bathroom by Etrusca

Little girls usually dream that they are princesses. They dream about a beautiful castle and a handsome prince. They seem to live in a fairy tale where everything is beautiful and nothing can go wrong. Everything is shining and seems to be precious.

This wonderful Dream Bathroom proposed by Etrusca fits perfectly to this picture. Everything is like for a princess. The mirror, the countertop and sink are shinny. The mirror has a beautiful silver frame, the countertop is silver too but the sink is pink, but it keeps the same brightness. They create a romantic fairy tale atmosphere where everything is full of magic.

Everything is shinny and has an exquisite design. You may enjoy all the refinement that a princess can get. It is like a beautiful dream and you do not want to wake up. So, prepare yourself for a dream bath in a fairy tale wonderful bathroom and feel yourself like a princess!


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