A Few Cool Ways To Choose Your Bathroom Color Scheme

The color  combined with the lighting, the furniture, fixtures and decorations present in a particular space set the mood for that room and sometimes also set a theme for that space’s interior design and decor. Some colors are better suited for certain types of spaces but there’s really no general rule regarding that. That being said, what color would you choose for your bathroom if you were to redecorate the space right now? There are obviously many cool bathroom colors to choose from as well as plenty of beautiful and interesting combinations of colors. Let’s have a look at some of these options.

Green is one of our absolute favorite colors and a great choice for contemporary bathrooms. It’s a fresh and vibrant color, full of energy but also able to set a tranquil and relaxing mood. We love the idea of a green wall that acts as a backdrop for wood furniture. It’s a combination inspired by nature’s beauty.

Blue is a very popular bathroom color because of the association between this color and water or the sky. A light shade of blue, although of a cool nature, can make a space look and feel very relaxing and calming. That’s why blue is also a very great color for bedrooms.

When tile and bathroom tile mosaics such as this one are involved, you’re not dealing with a single main color but rather with several accent colors which complement each other and together define the bathroom.

Sometimes a neutral bathroom color can turn out to be the best choice, depending on the style and the materials you’ve chosen. A beautiful shade of gray will not look boring or austere as long as you manage to make the bathroom look welcoming and stylish in other ways. A few wooden accents and a soft, fluffy bath mat should do the trick.

It can be interesting to play with various shades or variations of the same color or with color nuances that are similar, such as blue, purple and turquoise. The main color can be displayed on the walls of the bathroom and the others which are accent colors can come in the form of an interesting countertop, a washbasin or the frame of a wall mirror.

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If you’d rather not overcomplicate the bathroom decor with color, a simple and timeless black and white combo can look quite beautiful and classy in here. The walls could be white and the sink, toilet and bathtub can have a glossy black finish and you can complement these elements with a few metallic accents.

Another option is to give the bathroom a tropical look by using certain colors mixed with various different patterns. A nice combination can be between turquoise and green displayed on a crisp white backdrop.

If bathroom tiles are involved, there are a lot of different options to consider in this case as well. A particularly interesting idea is to use tiles that have a less than common design, like these ones. You can create a scalloped tile pattern that doesn’t really need color to stand out.

Speaking of scalloped tile designs and colors, a cool idea can be to combine three or more colors, one of which is a neutral. The others can be different shades of the same color or can contrast with each other for a more vibrant and eye-catching display.

There are many different ways to introduce color into a bathroom, including painting the walls, choosing a particular type of flooring, through certain types of fixtures but also through accent details such as the fixtures and the little things like the color of the towels, a potted plant or a curtain. Keep in mind that a luxury bathroom rarely has very bold colors in its design.

The bathroom mat can also be a source of color for this room. Of course, if the bathroom is large and spacious, you could actually have an area rug in there and that means a basically unlimited source of colors, patterns and interesting designs.

There also certain combinations of colors which are known to look good and to suit certain styles. For example, in a modern or contemporary bathroom you might use shades of gray and yellow in combination with white. You can use these colors in a lot of ways, including on the furniture, the walls, the floor or even the little things like the soap dispenser, the towels or a bathroom plant.

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The way in which the bathroom colors are displayed in important too. A lot of times, geometric patterns are created using tiles. If you’re not a fan of tiled walls there’s also the option to paint the walls or to create interesting murals. Bathroom wallpaper can be an option too, although moisture may pose problems.

If you’re aiming for a dramatic visual impact, give your bathroom a special kind of focal point: an entire wall showcasing a cool mural or an oversized painting. Don’t think of your bathroom as merely a utilitarian space. Give it the touch of elegance and luxury that you would normally focus on when designing the living room.

Whatever your bathroom plans and ideas are, try to find the sweet spot where cost, looks and functionality are perfectly balanced. Keep in mind that there are numerous amazing ways to make a bathroom look stylish without spending a lot of money on fancy materials. For instance, you could select a set of classic tiles with basic and simple patterns and you can combine them to create a pretty awesome display.

Wallpaper is also pretty inexpensive and there are certain types specifically designed for bathrooms. Use wallpaper to give the bathroom an accent wall or to introduce a beautiful color into the space without making changes to your furniture, flooring or other elements in the room.

Or how about this idea:you put wallpaper on a wall and you paint over the bottom half of the wall. This way you could play with contrasting or complementary colors and you can give your bathroom a truly original and memorable appearance.

Don’t underestimate the visual impact that neutrals and subtle color tones can have on the interior design and decor of a space, especially a small one. You may think that a light gray bathroom floor and wall finish wouldn’t exactly look cool but always remember to look at the big picture and to take into consideration all the little things as well.



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