7 Unique Bath Tubs

The plain white bath tub seems to have become a staple for many homes. However, let’s be truthful; it’s boring! It’s about time bath tubs were given the TLC they deserve. After all, they give us plenty of relaxing evenings! We have taken a look at seven of the most unique bath tub ideas in order to give you some inspiration. These can make the plainest of bathrooms magazine worthy.

1) Pastels for a princess.

If you think about it; it’s not often you see a girly bathroom.  But, why not? If you live in an all female household (or have a very lenient partner) then why not give your bathroom a feminine touch? This pink pastel bath tub is ultra girly. It has a great vintage quality to it too.

2) Oriental artistry.

Most bath tubs tend to be of one block colour, yet this Asian inspired bath tub is a work of art. It doesn’t matter how bland or boring the rest of your bathroom is, this bath tub brings the energy and attracts the attention. You can play to the beauty of this bath tub with a lantern light fixture and spice scented candles.

3) Contemporary class.

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If you want to emulate a modern style in your bathroom then a tub like the one in the picture is a recommended route to go down. The shape is cool and contemporary whilst the colour adds a sleekness and sophistication.

4) Rock tub.

How beautiful is this bath tub? Not only does it look impressive, but it’s earthy and natural quality makes it extremely relaxing as well. For this bath to look great you need to play to its qualities and thus adding the likes of leafy green plants to your bathroom is recommended.

5) Raised bath tub.

The design of this bath tub personifies sheer genius. The bath tub itself is raised and the blend between the tiles and the blue pastel colour of the tub is perfection. It works beautifully together, but make sure you get a good contractor if you are going to go for something like this.

6) Unique shape.

You don’t have to move away from the typical white bath tub if you don’t want to. After all, your bathroom may already have too much colour going on as it is. Instead, go for a unique shape, such as the one in the picture. This can have just as much of a dramatic effect.

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7) Copper character.

You will fail to find another bath tub with as much rustic character as this one. If you want a vintage inspired room then copper bath tubs are a great option.

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