7 Simple single vanity design ideas

Bathroom vanities are very practical and functional as they offer you the possibility of having both a sink and additional storage space surrounding it and the space they occupy does not interfere with your other needs. Single vanities are particularly useful because of their dimensions and ability to integrate in both small and large spaces. We made a selection of single vanities featuring different styles and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

1. European-inspired vanity.

This is a chic single vanity with a visible European-inspired design. It’s small and simple and features a weathered look. It’s made of wood and tends to resemble an antique piece. It has a wall-mounted faucet that saves space and gives more storage area for other elements. The faucet and the pipes can be relocated on other designs as well but you’ll most likely need professional help as well as a custom-made vanity.

2. Feminine vanity.

This is a glamorous vanity with a strong feminine appeal. It features soft and light color and textures and it incorporates a sleek marble countertop with two stainless steel legs for support. This vanity has no storage space. Instead, the bathroom has built-in features that compensate for that. This is a nice alternative for those who want a simple, clean and stylish décor with a more spacious countertop.

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3. Eclectic design.

Sometimes opposites attract despite the visible differences. For example, this vanity combines old and new elements in a beautiful way and the result is an eclectic but beautiful design. This is a classical vanity with modern amenities. It features dark wood stain and it’s placed against a ceramic tile backsplash with contrasting earthy tones and it’s a very beautiful statement piece.

4. Open vanity.

Open vanities are beautiful because they allow you to add useful storage space while also maintaining the airy look you created. This vanity features an open shelf with drawers tucked away beneath it. This way you have an open area for baskets, towels, etc. and closed drawers for more intimate items or for smaller objects that would be safer there.

5. Glamorous vintage vanity.

The design of this vanity is vintage and quite simple. However, the finishes and the texture of the surfaces make it sparkle. It’s a glamorous vanity that was originally a mirror-paneled chest. It also features vintage-style fixtures and is complemented by a dramatic mirror that matches it beautifully. It has both small and large storage spaces inside it and a minimalist, black countertop for contrast.

6. Industrial-style vanity.

Industrial bathrooms are charming as well, even though they present less decorative details and tend to seem cold and detached. This vanity has clean lines and it has a durable and strong structure with timeless finishes. The stainless steel base features open storage. The round sink is complemented by a wall-mounted faucet that gives it a contemporary appeal.

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7. Small and delicate vanity.

This is a particularly charming vanity that features a minimalist structure with subtle and delicate details. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece made from a combination of salvaged and new materials. It features a glass mosaic tile base and a glass basin that matches the mirror. The bottom area features an open shelf, great for towels, bathroom supplies but also decorative elements.{pictures from bhg}.



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