5 Ultra rustic bathrooms

Since the bathroom is an intimate space, a rustic décor would suit it very well. It’s easy to create a rustic bathroom. You just need to focus on using a lot of wood and include details such a beams in the ceiling if possible or weathered finishes. We have selected a few examples to use as inspiration.

1. This is a bathroom designed by Highline Partners, and it’s from a home in Big Sky, MT. Since the bathroom was tiny, a mirror was added on the wall. The space was cleverly used the washbasin was placed on a rustic storage unit with several drawers as well as open space for boxes and containers. The sink has a texture very similar to wood.

2. This is a more spacious bathroom designed by PSCBATH. It’s particularly beautiful because of the exposed beams in the ceiling and the inclined roof. The interior is not very bright and this creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The most eye-catching detail would have to be bathtub with brown interior and alternating spots resembling cowhide.

3. This is a tiny bathroom from Crosslake, MN. It was designed by Lands End and it’s almost entirely wrapped in wood. The washbasin is placed on a storage unit with a weathered finish. A shelf was also installed above the toilet and a very small shower in the corner. Again, the light is subtle.

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4. This bathroom is part of a western mine-style home located in Steamboat Springs, CO. It was designed by Lynne Barton Bier. It features a corten ceiling with weather-resistant properties and rustic lanterns. The most original and suggestive feature is the bucket used as a sink. This is probably the most authentic design yet.

5. This is a rather eclectic bathroom décor. The walls and floor tend to have a simpler and more modern look while the furniture and accessories bring a strong rustic and vintage influence. The mirror, the light fixtures and the three antique clocks and very beautiful details. The bathroom also features an antique pine dry sink with a retro look.{found on Michael Angus}.



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