5 bathroom décor ideas

The bathroom sometimes tends to be a little neglected when decorating an apartment or house. It’s as important as any other room of the house so you should treat it correspondently. Here are some ideas that could help.

1. The baroque bathroom

Broque bathroom

A bathroom decorated in a baroque style is definitely the most spectacular. The drama can be obtained by combining spectacular pieces of furniture, imposing decorative elements and luxurious fabrics. If you want to adopt this style, you’ll need a spacious bathroom. Use a bathtub with stylish legs and glamorous decorative elements. Also, use a chandelier. An oversized mirror, with a generous frame colored in silver or gold and some candlesticks would also be a nice choice.

2. The Scandinavian bathroom

A Scandinavian décor is the perfect combination between light, nature and color. The contrast between contemporary and traditional elements is also a defying detail. This style is attractive because of its welcoming atmosphere. In order to obtain such a décor, use contemporary furniture, with organic shapes and decorative elements made of colored glass and wood or metal. Use minimalist, white furniture and/or white walls and floor. Use contemporary decorations in contrasting bright colors.

3. The minimalist bathroom

Minimalist bathroom

This particular type of décor emphasizes functionality. In this case, storage is very important. The furniture needs to have geometrical shapes and defined lines and volumes. The decorative elements are usually oversized and small in number, so as not to obtain a crowded space. Use matte textures and finishes and neutral colors.

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4. The rustic bathroom

Rustic bathroom

This particular style emphasizes the use of natural elements. The predominant materials are wood and stone and, as for the colors, use natural tones like kaki, beige, yellow etc. Choose wood furniture, with simple lines and natural or dark brown finishes. For the walls use a resistant type of paint in one of the colors enumerated or mosaic tiles. The floor can be wood or natural stone.

5. The contemporary bathroom

Contemporary bathroom

The idea is to create a dramatic décor, with organic curves and geometrical lines, a décor that brings the urban inside. Use materials like wood, metal or plastic. Use a multitude of storage shelves that you arrange in an asymmetrical order. The lighting fixtures need to be abstract and as many as possible. Choose daring colors like pink, violet, red, blur or green



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