383 – bathtub and shower combination by Lenci Design

When furnishing a home you have to be very precise and to know exactly what you want to achieve. There are a lot of different options out thee and you can’t choose them all so you need to have a very clear picture in mind as for what you want your home to look like. It gets easier in the bathroom because the options are more limited. Still, there are some important decisions to make like for example if you get a bathtub or a shower unit.

In most of the cases you can’t get them both because you don’t have the space necessary to do that. It’s mostly sad because both the bathtub and the shower unit have their advantages. Not everyone likes to take a bath, especially when they’re in a hurry and some people sometimes feel the need to relax by taking a long bath. You need to know how to combines these two and Lenci Design can help you with that. 383 is a very clever combination of a bathtub and a shower unit.

This means you can have them both without sacrificing anything and without changing the space you have available. The shower is placed inside the bathtub so you’ll be using the tub as a base. The shower door is incorporated into the bathtub’s design and it closes, keeping the water inside. You’ll get privacy and comfort, all in one. The only disadvantage that I can find is that two people can’t use them separately in the same time. So if someone is taking a shower and you want to take a bath you’ll have to wait, unless to don’t mind sharing.Available on teuco.

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