30 Ways to Refresh Your White Bathroom With Style

White, such a crisp, fresh, clean color. It’s no wonder that so many people choose it when they give rooms a makeover. But sometimes, when a space has been white for a while, you might start to miss its beauty in the mundane of everyday life.

 White Bathroom

Especially those white bathrooms. But before you go completely painting over that lovely white, consider giving your bathroom a refresh. Because what better time to refresh than a new year? Take a look at these 30 ways to refresh your white bathroom for the new year and create a space to help you destress and prepare you to achieve all your goals.

30 Decor Ideas for Refreshing Your All-White Bathroom
1. Blush Accents

Sometimes when things are looking a little too white and bleak, it’s just time to spread the palette a bit and add some more color. Choose some blush accents like your towels and a throw rug to give something for your eyes to rest on while staying light and airy. Blush accents work best in bathrooms where the shades of white used have a warm tone rather than a cool tone. Otherwise, the warmth in the blush accents may clash with the shade of white you have in the rest of your bathroom. Be sure to check accents against your bathroom color before purchase so you end up with the perfect shade of blush. 

2. Neon Accents

Looking for a real pop in the new year? Opt for neon accents in your white bathroom. These shades work especially well with modern style and features or if you’re trying to bring some happy into your kid’s bathroom. If you want to add some bright colors to your home without it looking overdone or garish, using bright colors as an accent in otherwise neutral spaces is a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck with neons. 

3. Unique Tiles

If you’re thinking of renovating your white bathroom, choose your tile before you get started.  You’ll find that with all the subway tiled walls and floors, you will appreciate a little pattern in the mix. Even though subway tiles carry the all-white theme in your bathroom, the darker grout helps create an eye-pleasing pattern and break up the space. Try adding a different tile in your shower to help create a contrasting look while staying in the same color palette. {Styled by Freeman and White House}.

4. Brass Accents

Let’s talk metallic. Brass is back in style and when you add some to your white bathroom, you get just the right amount of glam for your space. Plus that harvest yellow tone is the perfect pair for a warm and fresh feel at the same time. Metallics like brass, gold, silver, copper, and brass are perfect accent colors for an all-white bathroom since they still count as a neutral and won’t detract from the overall monochromatic look of the space. 

5. Wood Accents

Not really looking for neon or bright metallics kind of person? Those aren’t the only ways you can bring some flair to your white bathroom. Consider adding some wood in a creative way that’s useful and decorative at the same time. Adding wood elements to a white bathroom can help the design from looking sterile and mechanical. It’s also a good idea to add wood if you’re putting a white modern-looking bathroom in an otherwise craftsman style home since the contemporary bathroom design will clash with wood elements outside the room. 

6. Mirrors

How do you add color to your bathroom without actually deviating from your white color palette? One word, mirrors. Mirrors will reflect light in a silvery glow and maybe even cast rainbows in the sunshine without actually bringing color to your space. Mirrors also create the visual illusion that your space is much bigger than it actually is due to the light reflecting off their surface, so they’re the perfect choice for adding some breathing room too cramped bathrooms.

7. Shiplap Pattern

Sometimes all you need is a subtle pattern to make a white space feel newer and fresher than it already is. Try a white shiplap to bring some character to your space while staying bright and crisp. Shiplap is a great way to add sleek lines to your bathroom design without interjecting a ton of stark pattern or accent color, so it’s a great choice if you’re wanting to keep your bathroom space as white as possible while still adding visual appeal.

8. Black Fixtures

Of course some bathrooms really need a bold punch to make them feel complete. But rather than using paint to achieve that punch, add some black fixtures to your white space. Such a stark contrast will look chic and modern. Along with looking contemporary cool, black fixtures in an otherwise all-white space can help draw attention to the more practical elements of the bathroom such as the towel hooks, faucets, and shower door. 

9. White Accents

There’s no shame in wanting to improve on the white you have. Instead of going for pops of color, look for interesting white accents that will blend in and draw your eyes at the same time. Even though accents are typically reserved for accent colors, if you’re doing a monochromatic theme you can still get a sleek contemporary look by adding white accents in either the same shade of white or a different shade. To avoid a look of sameness, opt for accents that incorporate interesting textures or patterns. 

10. Add Some Plants

When in doubt, add a plant. If you have a window in your white bathroom, opt for a living leafy thing but if not, there are plenty of planty options that look like the real thing without needing water or light. Air plants, succulents, and pothos vines are all great options for a bathroom plant stand. Keep in mind that both live plants and faux plants need to be dusted at least once or twice a week. Otherwise, your bathroom may end up looking dirty and dated. 

11. Rugs and Paintings

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When the rest of your home is a certain style, you definitely want to take that into account when you’re adding to your white bathroom. A painted picture and a Turkish rug are just the right things for the white bathroom in a traditional styled home. Adding accents like rugs and artwork can help bring in design elements from the rest of the home into the bathroom. A nice toasty rug can also keep your feet from getting chilly when you use the bathroom on cold winter mornings, too. 

12. Hang Curtains or Drapes

Looking for a way to make your white bathroom softer this winter? Add curtains or drapes. You don’t even need a window if you like. Cover a wall with white curtains and you’ll want to take candlelit baths from now on. Adding soft textures to a white design can help keep it from looking too hard and stark from all the reflective white surfaces. Ceiling-to-floor white curtains are dramatic without being difficult to install, and they can help give you some much-needed privacy in bathroom spaces if you have a lot of windows or natural lighting.

13. Apothecary Bottles

You might already have a way to bring some personality to your white bathroom in your home. Remember all those pretty bottles and containers of skincare and makeup? Display your favorites on your bathroom counter. Apothecary bottles come in a dazzling array of colors, shapes, and sizes. No matter what your aesthetic taste, you should be able to find a few bottles to match it. 

14. Storage Accessories

Bottles aren’t the only things you can bring out of storage. Using storage accessories can help you clear up space underneath your bathroom counters for medications or other necessities while also leaving supplies in easy view of any visiting guests who are using your bathroom. Fill a basket with towels. Add a tray in the tub for bath necessities. And don’t forget to add a couple candles for relaxing bath night. Having a few of your best-looking bathroom accessories displayed rather than hidden away in a cabinet can help your bathroom look more inviting and less like a museum display. 

15. Make a Change

When you need a little change in your white bathroom, you’ll find it doesn’t take much to make a big impact. A new faucet can catch your eye all by itself. Or maybe even a bottle of hand soap with a pretty label. Take some time to think about what really needs to change in your white bathroom to make it seem fresh before you begin.

16. Candlestick Sconces

Candlestick Sconces

Lighting makes a big difference in a white bathroom since it can increase the visual size of the room and can also influence how the white color of the decor appears depending on what color the lighting is. Warm lighting will bring a yellowish glow to your bathroom and make it feel a bit cozier, while crisp white lighting will preserve the bright white appearance of your walls and shower. Candlestick sconces are the perfect way to add some old-school sophistication. (via One King Lane)

17. Black and White Accents

Black and White Accents

A bathroom that is white and nothing else can be overwhelming or seem barren. One way to break up the look of a white bathroom is to add a secondary neutral color in small accents around the room. This can help add pattern and visual interest to a bathroom that otherwise looks pretty stark. Black tile backsplashes, black accents in the white tile, and black bathroom hardware give the room some geometric pizazz. (via The Spruce)

18. Vessel Sink

Vessel Sink refresh white bathroom

White bathrooms run the risk of looking plain and boring, but a vessel sink is a great way to add an unusual fixture for interest. These sinks range in construction materials from supple smooth stone to colorful craftsman glass. Not only are they beautiful, but these classy sinks also free up a ton of space underneath the countertop. Whether you use white porcelain for your vessel sink to keep in theme or you throw in some color as an accent to make the sink the room’s focal point, you can’t go wrong. 

19. Industrial Lighting

industrial lighting refresh white bathroom

White decor in a bathroom can give it a stark and modern look. One way to keep in theme with this is to keep the accessories in the room modern-looking, too. Industrial lighting like these black and white fixtures at Kaleidoscope Living are a good way to increase the amount of light in the bathroom without adding a bunch of bulky glass sconces or ceiling fixtures. The black wire draws the eye upward, allowing visitors to get a full sweeping view of the bathroom.

(via Kaleidoscope Living)

20. White Marble

white marble refresh white bathroom

White marble is one of the best ways to add luxury and grandness to your white bathroom design. The gray rills in the marble add just enough shade variation to draw your eye around the room. While marble is a costly investment in a bathroom renovation, it is a long-lasting material that will add tons of aesthetic value to your home. Use different shades of neutral marble to give the bathroom a more eclectic look. (via Bella Bathrooms)

21. Mood Lighting

mood lighting refresh white bathroom

Just because your bathroom is white doesn’t mean it has to be colorless. One way to add color to your white bathroom is to install smart mood lighting. Smart bulbs have made it simple to set up mood lighting in a wide variety of different shades so there’s something that will appeal to you no matter what kind of headspace you’re in. Whether you set your bathroom to a comfortable golden glow or you want to add some moody blue tones to your bathtub soak, a white bathroom gives you the perfect palette to play with different colors of lighting. You can even set your smart device to rotate through different colored lighting while you relax in the tub.

(via HGTV)

22. Multiple Shades of White

multiple shades of white refresh white bathroom

Many people may only think of white as being one shade, but anyone who has ever gone into a home improvement store knows that there are dozens if not hundreds of shades of white to choose from. Doing a monochromatic palette in your bathroom in multiple shades of white can make the room more interesting without adding any distracting accent colors to break up the look of the space. Be sure to choose white shades in the same tone (warm or cool) to avoid a clashing appearance. Choosing white shades within a few  (via The Spruce)

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23. Black Floor Tile

Black Floor Tile refresh white bathroom

Even if you decorate your bathroom in white, that doesn’t mean that your flooring has to match. A dramatic black floor tile like the tile over at Fireclay can make all of the pale fixtures and accents in your white bathroom pop against the darker color. Black floor tile can still help carry the white theme too if you incorporate white grout to act as a pattern across the floor. Black tile also absorbs and retains more heat, so your feet won’t be as cold when you go to the bathroom on freezing winter mornings. (via Fireclay Tile)

24. Paint Your Shower Tiles White

paint your shower tiles white refresh white bathroom

If you want to add a large amount of white to your bathroom in a quick renovation, painting your shower tiles white is a fast and easy way to do it. Painting shower tiles is the perfect way to avoid massive amounts of messy demolition in your bathroom remodel. Buying tile refinishing kits is also much less expensive than buying new tile to install. This is even more true if you were planning on having someone else install the tile instead of doing it yourself. Painting is a skill that most do-it-yourselfers can pull off, even if they’re not very experienced. (via Trapped Designer)

25. Bathroom Library

bathroom library refresh white bathroom

Love books? Many people enjoy reading in the bathtub or on the toilet but it can be hard to find places to put your reading material where it won’t get damaged or wet in the daily comings-and-goings of the bathroom. Installing a bathroom library like this perfect white bathroom library at Splendid Sass can give your bathroom books a proper home while also making your bathroom space look positively decadent at the same time. (via Splendid Sass)

26. His and Her Sinks

his and her sinks refresh white bathroom

If you have multiple people using your white bathroom at the same time, installing his and her sinks can be a major practical advantage. Along with making your bathroom design look more formal and sophisticated, it also doubles your usable storage and sink space so that two people can get ready in the morning at the same time. These sinks are highly sought-after on the housing market, so they’re a good investment if you ever plan to sell your home in the future. His and her sinks aren’t just a smart option for master bathrooms either. This design feature can dramatically cut down on arguments over who gets to brush their teeth first in other bathrooms of the household, too. (via Frills and Drills)

27. Dramatic Shower Curtain

Dramatic Shower Curtain refresh white bathroom

One of the dangers of designing an all-white bathroom is that it can make the room look plain and undecorated. A dramatic shower curtain design can be an awesome focal point to break up all that white and can also let you interject a few secondary neutral colors like black and metallics to help break up the unified look of the room. This helps give your white bathroom a more laid-back, bohemian vibe. You can even add a few other small accents in the same colors as the shower curtain such as soap dishes or hand towels to help carry the design around the room. (via Etsy)

28. Lighted Mirrors

lighted mirrors refresh white bathroom

Lighting is important in any bathroom, but especially a white one. Stark overhead lighting can make a white bathroom feel like a hospital operating theater. Instead, opt for some softer lighting in lit mirrors like these vanity mirrors found on Homedit. Lighted mirrors give you have the light you need to get ready in the bathroom without making you feel like you’re getting ready to go to surgery. Softer lighting is also easier on the eyes when you’re still half-awake and getting motivated to leave the house for the day. (via Homedit)

29. Nautical Candle Holders

Nautical Candle Holders refresh white bathroom

Nautical decor designs go great with white bathrooms since they tend to use natural accents like rope or wood and dark blue accents that look great against a bright white background. These nautical candle holders from HGTV don’t add too much unnecessary color to your white bathroom, but the different hanging levels and designs of the candle holders make an interesting art display and the variety of materials makes the room more interesting to look at. (via HGTV)

30. Landscape and Seascape Photography

Landscape and Seascape Photography refresh white bathroom

A white bathroom design can make the room look mechanical and sterile unless you add some naturalizing features to the room. A few large photographic prints of either landscape or seascape scenes can bring a more serene atmosphere to your bathroom. If you use a landscape, add a few secondary accents in the bathroom like some cut flowers or other woodsy elements. If you use a seascape, try adding a display of shells or driftwood to help pull the theme around the room. (via The Budget Decorator)

White bathrooms are often the default in many designs, and there are plenty of ways to accidentally make this bathroom palette look boring or cold. White used in a large monochromatic bathroom space can make it seem like you walked into a medical office by accident. Without pattern or color, these pale rooms also run the risk of looking like you didn’t decorate at all. Thankfully, there are also a ton of ways you can add just a touch of an accent color, pattern, or texture to your bathroom design that can help it stand out from the crowd. Even when you’re going for an all-white monochromatic look, adding the tiniest dash of color or pattern to the space can help refresh your white bathroom and bring everything together into a gorgeous, cohesive design.



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