30 Playful And Colorful Kids’ Bathroom Design Ideas

Everyone knows how difficult it is to decorate a room for your kid. It has to be functional and practical but it also has to be fun and cute. But it’s also fun to plan everything this way. You get to embrace your inner child and to think like a kid once again.

A white main color makes the bathroom feel clean and fresh

It’s also a nice opportunity to bond with your kid and to work together as a team, introducing him/her to some new concepts. Let’s say you’re decorating a bathroom. There are these two main things you have to take into consideration when designing and decorating a space for a kid:

Safety and functionality.Incorporate fun colors into the furniture as well as on the walls

It’s important to make sure that everything you choose for your kid’s bathroom is safe to use as well as easy to use. The sink has to be placed at a low level so there’s no need for a stool to reach it and, if there has to be a stool, it has to be durable and strong.

Don’t mix too many shape or the space will look confusing and overwhelmingUse fun decals on the walls such as animals and other imagesMake the space feel inviting and comfortable by putting up some framed photos

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The toilet also needs to have the right dimensions and there has to be plenty of storage space for all sorts of things, from toys to shampoos, towels and everything else.

A bathroom mat is necessary under the step stool to prevent slippingTry choosing a theme or creating a story for the décorAdd a fun touch to all the usual things you see in the bathroomA color theme is useful especially if you have a clear image in mindNot everything has to look childish as long as the kids like itAll the little funny details make the room seem more invitingWall decals are a simple way of making a room look friendly

You can personalize the room so it feels more attractive
Sometimes a few little elements can completely transform a spaceA nautical theme seems like a perfect choice for a bathroom décorGet some inspiration from your kid’s favorite movie or storyMonkeys are always fun so this would be a safe choiceA beautiful underwater world-themed décor with simple but fun symbolsMickey Mouse is usually popular with the kids so you can try using him as a main themeStorage is important, especially if your kid likes to play with toys in the tubA very cute bathroom with rubber ducks all over the placeIf it’s a shared bathroom, try to delimitate the spaces as best as you canMake the bathroom feel inviting and comfortable by using the right textures and colorsThe slanted ceiling is actually not a waste of space in this caseYou can find all sorts of ways in which you can incorporate fun elements into the décorThe Little Mermaid is also a great décor theme, particularly for a girl’s bathroomA boy’s bathroom décor can be inspired by pirates and shipsIt’s usually a good idea to use lots of colors when decorating a space for the kidsChoose a simple motif like the polka dots to create a cute and friendly décor
The fun and cheerful side of the décor.Simpler decors can also work if you decide to focus more on functionality

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The bathroom is not a favorite room of the house for kids because that’s where they have to brush their teeth and take a bath and those aren’t pleasant activities for them. But you can make things fun by planning the décor right. Use fun and bold colors, cheerful decals and prints as well as cute shapes. Make fun it’s an environment that’s fun to be in and don’t forget to ask the opinion of the expert who, in this case, is the one who will be using the space.



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