30 Kids Shower Curtains With Cute, Funny And Colorful Designs

Kids don’t usually like to take baths or showers and parents have to get creative if they want to make these experiences pleasant and fun. The environment and the ambiance are very important in this case. Bathrooms often tend to be perceived as strictly utilitarian space without giving much thought to the decor and the atmosphere in this space and that can really ruin the whole experience. You can make a change for the better by simply picking the accessories with more care. In that sense, we’ve prepared a selection of kids’ shower curtains with really cool and funky designs. We hope they’ll inspire you to put more thought into the decorating process and exploring more ideas related to the subject.

A shower curtain can be both fun and educational. This one, for instance, has a map-inspired design. It teaches kids the main areas on the globe and which animals can be found in each region. Available on Amazon.

This curtain has a really fun design, showcasing cute animals that live in the sea and the ocean. Once again, the design is both fun and educational. Also, the theme is quite suitable for a bathroom.

This is a different version of the first kids’ shower curtain we showed you. This time the print only shows an enlarged map of North America and Greenland with cute images of the animals and the trees that can be found in various regions. Available on Amazon.

Here’s another sea-inspired shower curtains, once again featuring cute cartoon characters that represent the creatures which live in the water and at the bottom of the sea. They’re cute and friendly and they make the whole room look cheerful. Available on Amazon.

If you’d like a shower curtain that’s interesting but not necessarily very colorful, check out this chic anchor print. The stained background is a very stylish touch and the anchor itself is really versatile, being suited for family bathrooms. Kids would find it interesting and adults would consider it stylish. Available on Amazon.

On this shower curtain you can see images of things like a boats, whales, crabs, seahorses but also of a lighthouse and an anchor. It’s quite an interesting combination which basically puts together the two themes we discussed so far. Found on Amazon.

Not all monsters are scary. In fact, these ones seem really cute and friendly. Some even say “hello”. It’s a really cute shower curtain which I’m sure kids would love. The multitude of colors used ensure that it fits in a variety of different bathroom decors and the white background gives it a fresh and chic look. Available on Amazon.

How cute is this dog? It even has a rubber duck and a shower cap. It shows that taking a bath is not scary or unpleasant but actually fun and enjoyable. Maybe you can use this shower curtain as an incentive to make your kid like bath time. Found on Amazon.

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Give your bathroom a quick makeover and change the ambiance in the room by simply adding a funky-looking shower curtain like this sea-inspired one from Amazon. It’s designed to appeal to children but we think it could have just as much success with adults.

Thanks to this shower curtain, bath time can be both fun and educational. This is an alphabet curtain with a design that’s simple and attractive. Learning the alphabet shouldn’t be a dreadful task. It should come natural and it should be fun and enjoyable. This shower curtain is a great learning aid. Found on Amazon.

Everyone should have understanding of how the universe works and of our place in it. For a kid it can be overwhelming to learn about all that but that doesn’t mean you should avoid the subject. With educational accessories like this shower curtain, you can inspire kids to be curious and to learn new things. Found on Amazon.

Although it’s not specifically intended as a kids’ shower curtain, this product definitely has what it takes to look cute and friendly which is usually what we expect from kid-friendly design. Found on Amazon.

Peeking at someone who’s taking a shower or a bath is not exactly something nice but this kids’ shower curtain manages to give this idea a new meaning that’s entirely innocent, cute and fun. Just look at these dogs…they’re adorable. Available on Amazon.

This is the cat version of the peekaboo curtain. This time it’s a bunch of curious cats looking at you when you enter the bathroom. It’s one of my personal favorites. The colors are nice, the fabric is durable and the cats and simply charming.

The list continues with a kids’ shower curtain that features a repetitive pattern of cute cartoon creatures including octopodes, sea turtles, crabs and fish. The colors and vibrant and eye-catching.

Here’s a kids’ shower curtain with an artistic design. It features this geometric and colorful whale and a bunch of cute little marine creatures that swim alongside it. The design is pretty abstract and very nicely centered.

A shower curtain that has the periodic table of elements printed on it can look awesome in a lot of different bathroom settings. You can think of it as a learning aid for the kids or as a themed decoration/ accessory for the bathroom of someone with a scientific background, whether kid or adult.

This shower curtain captures the mesmerizing beauty of coral reefs in a kid-friendly manner. The colorful illustration shows tropical fish, algae and corals and can be viewed as an accessory which brings color into the bathroom.

Giraffes don’t brush their teeth and don’t take bubble baths but this one is special. Its friendly face inspires kids to maintain good hygiene and cheers up the bathroom with a large smile.

Have you ever seen a frog riding a scooter? This one looks like it knows what it’s doing. It’s a pretty curious image and that’s what makes it so interesting. We like how unexpected the design is and we find it really cool.

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Unicorns are magical and also a little bit girly which is why we think this kids’ shower curtain would be perfect for a little princess. Its rainbow mane and tail allow the curtain to suit just about any decor and color scheme.

Add cheer to a kids’ bathroom with a cute and colorful shower curtain like the one featured here. It has cute little owls, foxes, birds and hedgehogs printed on it and the theme is autumn-inspired. The colors are also based on fall nuances.

Polar bears, seals, white foxes and some species of penguins can all be found in the Arctic region and can be very elusive and hard to find. This kids’ shower curtain shows cute cartoons of these creatures and reveals their cute nature.

Sometimes we need to be reminded to never stop dreaming and sometimes decorating our homes with inspirational messages actually helps. This shower curtain does it in a funky and funny way.

Although advertised as a kids’ shower curtain, this is actually a very versatile and very cool accessory that would look awesome in any bathroom. We could get lost in a fantastic world of fairy tales just by looking at this image. You can think of it as a tool that stimulates one’s imagination. Found on Amazon.

Planning a pirate-themed decor for the nursery or the kids’ bedroom. Maybe the bathroom decor could be inspired by the same concept. This shower curtain would fit right in and its colors would brighten up the space. Check it on Amazon.

Here’s another cute shower curtain that we think would be just perfect for a nursery bathroom. The design is simple but at the same time fun and cheerful. Make this cute little duck the focal point of the room and let it cheer up the decor with its smile. Check it on Amazon.

A yellow submarine may not be as meaningful to a kid as it is to anyone who knows the classic Beatles song with this name but that doesn’t mean it can’t inspire awesome stories and memories. Such a simple design with such a deep meaning.Available on Amazon.

This shower curtain would be a perfect complementary accessories for a playroom or a bedroom with a farm-inspired decor. It could also cheer up a rustic bathroom. Just look how cute and happy those farm animals are. How you could not smile when you look at them? Available on Amazon.

We’ll end this article with a kids’ shower curtain inspired by something we’re all familiar with: rubber ducks. Obviously you’ll have to buy a set of bath toys as well or the decor wouldn’t be complete.



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