3 Ways To Add Neon To Your Bathroom + Inspirational Photos!

Neon isn’t just trendy for the summer fashion season, it’s also super trendy and super fun …. and surprisingly versatile … in your bathroom decor!A pop of color here, a bright surprise there, maybe even a mix of shine thrown in … neon is great for places like bathrooms because of its fresh and clean feeling. Fun for a guest bathroom or your teenager’s private abode, any of these shining shades can bring oomph and stylishness to a more so than not …. usually drabby part of the home.

What’s sad is that the bathroom typically gets less attention than other spaces throughout one’s home. The decor and colors are never thought out as much as say …. the living room? But this is an easy, doable idea for anyone that wants to wow guests, have a fun space and just show a little personality without the extremity taking over the entire house!

Check out some of these quick tips and inspirational photos! And hopefully, you’ll be using neon in your  bathroom soon!

1. Create a small surprise within a monochromatic theme.

Using a monochromatic theme, wherever you choose, will create a crisp, clean look … which is great for a bathroom. But adding a pop of neon to a one-color space gives an instant face lift and instant fun! Paint your tub, one wall or even outline your mirror! Have fun with it and be creative!{found on curby}.

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2. Buy some neon accessories to wow and jazz the place up!

If your adamant about putting permanent neon color to the walls or other parts of your powder room, try out some neon accessories first. Towels or rugs will give you a little taste of what the brightness can do without making a permanent commitment. And you can mix all the colors you want! Toothbrush holders and soap dishes …. shower curtains even! There are so many different ways to add the neon when you’re accessorizing!{found on indecora}.

3. Go all out.

There aren’t too many rules when it comes to the bathroom. You can pretty much do whatever you’d like as long as you keep it clean! Usually, there isn’t too much thought put into how it’s decorated so if you’re feeling a little daring…….. go all out! Mix colors, match colors and paint the bathroom entirely neon. It’s fun and will definitely work if you allow yourself to take the leap!



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