3 Luxury Swarovski Bathroom Faucets

Faucets can add luxury & charm to your bathroom.There are many types and styles of luxury faucets to pick from. Those with Swarovski are true jewelry.Give your bathroom a “little” attention with these sleek, chic crystal bathroom faucets.

Swarovski Azeta Bathroom Faucets by Webert

Designed by a Italian company Webert, Azeta Bathroom Faucets feature a minimalist look and complemented by the polished chrome treatment and as the finishing touch, dressed up with a Swarovski crystals.This collection was special designed for a feminine bathroom.

X-Sense Limited Edition Swarovski Bathroom faucets

The new line of faucets from Newform have also incorporate Swarovski crystals.A bathroom faucet with Swarovski make sure the difference with classical faucets.

Luxury Faucets with Swarovski Crystal by Fir Italia

The last luxury Swarovski bathroom faucet comes from Fir Italia.The combination of swarovski crystals and metals such as chrome, nickel, silver nickel, bronze, gold and antique gold was a good choice.



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