2019 Bathroom Trends You Need to See Before Remodeling

The new year always brings a fresh start — and new home trends. The turn of the year offers a chance to look at what designers say are likely to be the most popular new styles and products for bathrooms in 2019. For those planning a bathroom remodel, it’s a good idea to consider the trends and evaluate if they are something to be included in the plan. Here’s a round-up of some initial bathroom trends for 2019:

Open Concept BathroomsBathrooms open to the closet and dressing area are becoming popular.Bathrooms open to the closet and dressing area are becoming popular.

Open concept plans are wildly popular for the main living space of the house so it’s no wonder that they are projected to be the same for the bathroom/bedroom area. Whereas the bathroom has always been sealed off separately with doors and walls, the set-up is changing. Walls are being replaced with privacy barriers made of opaque glass or other materials and doors to the bathroom area are disappearing. Vanities and tubs are being melded with the dressing and closet area, as well as the bedroom.

Free Standing Tubs with Art Deco FlairArt deco influences are creping into bathroom designs.Art deco influences are creping into bathroom designs.

Freestanding bathtubs have been trending for some time now, but instead of generic shapes, they are being presented in more stylish designs reminiscent of the art deco period. This tub from American Standard has an elegant curve to a higher back, sturdy contemporary style feet and a vintage deco type of faucet stand. This is a tub style that can easily be installed to upgrade and freshen a current bathroom design.

Gray and White MarbleLarge format marble tiles provide a clean, fresh look.Large format marble tiles provide a clean, fresh look.

Gray tones have been popular for some time and certain designers may say they have had their day, however, that’s not the case when it comes to bathroom marble. Gray and white — or white and gray — marble in large slabs is the tile of choice for 2019. Marble is a classic choice for the bathroom and now there are many materials that replicate the look of marble at a lower cost. The neutral palette these tiles provide is ideal for a serene yet modern looking bathroom. The largely seamless appearance is also a desirable quality for current bathroom designs.

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Windows Above the SinkBig windows along the bathroom vanity let in a great deal of natural light.Big windows along the bathroom vanity let in a great deal of natural light.

For as long as we can remember, the optimum place for a kitchen sink has been under a window, giving you a view to contemplate while washing the dishes. Now, designers are taking the same idea to the bathroom, placing windows over the bathroom vanity. Granted, this idea works best when there’s a pleasant view outside, but even if not, the extra natural night coming into the bathroom is a good thing.

Concrete SurfacesThis bathroom has plenty of concrete but does not feel cold.This bathroom has plenty of concrete but does not feel cold.

Long considered a cold and harsh material for interiors, concrete has slowly been finding its way into the house. A common kitchen countertop material, it can also be used for bathroom vanities as well as floors and walls. If it’s combined with other materials like tile or warm woods, the coldness is tempered and it shines as a contemporary and stylish material choice.

This printed tile is made from concrete.This printed tile is made from concrete.

In fact, concrete is being made into tiles that are easy care, warm and attractive. This soft, tactile design is from Ceramica Panaria’s Even collection. The geometric designs in natural, earthy hues soften the basic look of concrete but are still easy to care for. The concrete material is perfect for highlighting the graphic patterns and subtle shading of the designs.

Indoor SaunaPersonal saunas are a great bathroom indulgence.Personal saunas are a great bathroom indulgence.

Ok, so this is really an indulgence, not a must-have, but if the room and budget are available, it’s a truly relaxing addition to a bathroom. This self-c0ntained style, as well as a new trend for infrared saunas, make it much easier than it used to be to have this luxury at home. High-end homes are including amenities like this so that homeowners don’t have to leave to get the pampering and physical luxury they want. Infrared models replace the heated stones with infrared lights that are quicker to heat and more easy-care.

Statement Wallpaper in the Powder RoomStatement wallpaper is very popular for bathrooms.Statement wallpaper is very popular for bathrooms.

For much of the past couple decades, wallpaper has been the ugly stepsister in the design family thanks to the bad rap it earned from mass-market styles in the 1980s and 1990s. Today’s wallpaper designs are far more distinctive and less offensive thanks to large-scale digital printing that can create patterns more like large murals. Distinctive patterns and bold colors make for interesting choices. Moreover, the guest powder room is an ideal place to use this type of statement wallpaper in any style or color.

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Statement ArtMaking a statement with art in the bathroom is trending.Making a statement with art in the bathroom is trending.

We’d rather call this trend statement art tile. This is because while it might be trendy to use art to make a statement in the bathroom, most art aficionados will tell you that it’s a bad idea to put artwork of any value in a humid environment like a bathroom. Instead, opt for a statement tile design that looks just like art. This mosaic ballerina is a huge feature in the bathroom and instantly creates a statement wall. If retiling is not an option, perhaps some sort of wooden wall sculpture or inexpensive but dramatic print under glass could do the trick. If it’s just a mass-produced print, you can easily replace it if becomes warped or discolored.

Spa-Like BathroomsThe spa bathroom trend continues into 2019.The spa bathroom trend continues into 2019.

Bathrooms with a spa-like atmosphere have been trending for some time and will continue to be string into 2019. These bathrooms don’t have to look Zen or Asian, they just need to have all the creature comforts that are typically found in a spa. This bathroom certainly has them: A deep, relaxing tub by a wonderful window for gazing out while soaking. A separate shower. Plenty of room for changing. An ample vanity with mirror and a comfortable lounge seat. There’s not a lot more you could ask for in a luxurious bathroom.

Natural Wood

Natural wood in the bathroom is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is it a durable material, but it has a relaxing vibe. Even a modest amount of wood contrasted with colder, harder materials like tile and ceramic, warm up the space. Any bathroom design can incorporate some wood and still retain an elegant, modern look — it doesn’t have to be rustic. This Cape Cod vanity table from Duravit would be a great addition to an otherwise tiled bathroom.



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