20 Spa-Like Bathrooms To Clean Your Mind, Body And Spirit

What if we told you that you can have your own private spa…in your bathroom? We all know that we cannot go to a spa every day for various reasons: lack of time, lack of money, and so on. Make your life easier, save some time and money by creating your own relaxing resort. You can have all the comfort you need with just a little inspiration. We give you 20 reasons to think about this.

This master bath was designed by Brigitte Fabi, Drury Design, and is one of the two winning entries at the 2013 NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) Annual Design Competition, 2013. The icing on the cake is the open shelves, placed on both sides of the window. Recessed lighting creates a welcoming feeling.

The mixture between white painted wood and beige walls and tiles evoke peacefulness and comfort. The soaking tub is placed under the skylight, so that you can have access to natural light while relaxing after a hard day at work.

The corner windows provide a great view. What a beautiful place to see the sunset!

This stunning contemporary bathroom is located in Miami and was designed by B+G Design Inc. If we were to describe it in just a few words, these would be: elegance (given by the dark brown cabinets and the pendant chandelier), comfort and the sense of space given by the very well-placed mirrors.

Seashells, wooden rug and apartment plants, what else could you need to create a tropical bathroom? Maybe a ceiling fan, so you can enjoy the ‘’breeze’’, and a comfortable sofa to lie on.

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You can always use pebbles to decorate your bathroom.Also take in consideration the sunken bathtub.

Designed by J. P. Walters, this Asian style contemporary bathroom impressed us since the beginning. Now we believe in love at first sight! The Buddha statue and the LED candles turn this bathroom into a sacred temple of peace and relaxation.

You’re always free to use curtains if you ever feel like you need more privacy. Escape from this world at least for a couple of minutes. Hide behind the curtain, close your eyes and dream.

Another Zen-like bathroom with a walking shower and a frosted glass room divider. We love the wood shelves and the lightning.

Again candles, but this time in a different environment. This contemporary bathroom is situated in New York, and, unlike the other bathrooms we talked about, has a special feature: the ceiling faucet. Fancy, but if you think about it, there are also disadvantages. For example, it’s noisy and splashes everywhere. However, this seems to be a great place for romantics.

Wooden ceiling and the drum pendant add style and warmth to this bathroom, while plants bring vitality and freshness.

Earth tone colors, copper faucets, double sink vanity, a huge mirror on the wall and blinds to ensure privacy. We love the combination between the wood paneled ceilings and the stone wall. The chandelier is one of the best features of the bathroom. Talk about romance!

Designed by Oak Hill Architects, this spa-like retreat looks classy and also seems to be a good place to read a book.

This contemporary spa-like bathroom is simple, yet sophisticated. The floating vanity provides more space, and the hanging garden adds a refreshing décor accent. A wicker basket used as towel storage seems like a great idea, and it goes well with the teak patio tiles.

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Scatter some rose petals around your bath tub. In order to enhance your senses, you can also use essential oils.

Black granite with shades of brown, some would say dramatic, we believe it’s just elegant. The arched window, the antique chandelier and the mirror, all of these strengthens our statement. It`s a great place to share a glass of champagne with the one you love. Cheers!

The grey tiles and the stone sink offer architectural interest. You can turn the wooden bench near the window into a perfect reading corner, or you can just sit there and enjoy the view.

We all know that green is a relaxing color. Lighter shades of green always express optimism and a sense of freshness. Flowers and candles match perfectly with the shelves and under cabinet lighting.

Take your time to relax and contemplate about everything that concerns you. Don’t be afraid to add some flowers in your bath tub. Flowers and candles are essential if you want to create a spa-like atmosphere.

This is another piece of heaven for spa lovers. The ceiling is absolutely fantastic and, if you look closely, there is also a stone fireplace. How would you like to spend some time here, relaxing in front of the fireplace and counting stars under the skylight?

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