1941 Luxury Romantic Bathroom Collection

Creating Romantic bathroom it’s not easy if you don’t have old accessories. The Italian company Savio Firmino creating a luxury romantic bathroom collection in collaboration with architect J. Pizzorno. The 1941 luxury romantic bathroom features a elegant hand-carved wood details that give it its antique appeal. The bathroom collection is really dedicated for those who like luxury!

Vintage bathroom fixtures are not very wide-spread, but they look very nice. People usually choose the modern version. I like it when I see simple and modern bathroom features. That is a room that doesn’t need a lot of details. It’s supposed to be mainly functional. Of course, the aesthetic aspect can’t be neglected, so a combination between the two is the perfect choice. This bathroom collection has a different style.

It’s more than a bathroom, it’s more beautiful than some bedrooms. Although I like a comfortable and beautiful bathroom, I think this is too much. It even has a chandelier, and that’s really not a piece that’s appropriate for this room.

All the pieces are stylish and beautiful when taken separately and they also good very good when put together, but it just seems a little more for a bathroom. With a bathroom like this, who needs a bedroom. I especially like the bathtub and all the elements around it. It’s the perfect environment for a long relaxing bath before going to sleep.

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