17 Sauna And Steam Shower Designs To Improve Your Home And Health

Enhancing our well-being should become one of our major concerns. Luxury and comfort are not enough to escape everyday stress and routine. Find a way to balance your private life and work pressures! A sauna seems to be a great idea, don’t you think? You can think about this as an opportunity to improve your home and health in the same time.

Indoor Saunas.

This beautiful shaped bathroom inspires warmth and peacefulness, despite the dark colors used by Increation designers. The bathroom has a special feature, an infrared sauna (Wikipedia: uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light experienced as radiant heat which is absorbed by the surface of the skin) with build-in ceiling speakers and automatic sensor lighting.

You can’t deny, this bathroom looks like a perfect Tetris. Architecture goes hand in hand with interior design and furniture. The log walls and ceiling interfere in a graceful manner with the sauna, thus creating an alluring setting.

Considering that it is recommended to take a hot shower before entering the sauna (so that your body will get used with a higher temperature), we consider that a shower/sauna combo will be a good choice. It’s a great way of saving space, and you won’t have to get out of the shower, change temperature, and then get into the sauna and change temperature again. Check out the window. Cute idea, isn’t it?

How about a hidden sauna? We all need some privacy from time to time. The rustic wood beam creates architectural interest and it reminds us that there is a glass shower wall behind. Just in case you missed it…

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When you decide to have your own sauna, carefully choose the type of wood to use. It’s advisable to use spruce or pine, so that heat won’t pass so easily though them.

Brennan+Company Architects designed this delightful eco-friendly bathroom and they used bamboo for the sauna and for every piece of furniture. The sauna is visually heated with natural light provided by the window.

Depending on available space, you can increase the number of seats by overlapping benches.

You can enjoy the refreshing effects of a sauna even though one of its walls is made of glass. This will also add elegance and style.

Light is also a very important factor that will help you to create the soothing environment you need. Use pot lights in various parts of the sauna or add LED strip lighting around the perimeter of the sauna.
Outdoor saunas.

How would you like to lie on one of those benches, knowing that nothing and nobody can disturb you? This spacious sauna was designed by Andre Tchelistcheff Architects and can be found in Hudson Valley Spa, New York. The main material used in the construction of this outdoor sauna is cedar. This is one of the perfect places where you can just relax and enjoy the view.

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This sauna has a clever design which allows it to be placed both indoors and outdoors. Would you prefer to place it, indoors or outdoors?

Ideal for your backyard or a garden environment, this sauna is both stylish and functional. You can also try aromatherapy. We recommend lavender or eucalyptus.

An outdoor sauna with a deck and a shower, this is the perfect recipe for mental and physical relaxation.
Steam showers.

Another great place to spend some time with yourself! The shower benches are elegantly shaped and their simplicity is highlighted by the natural light that comes through the ribbon windows.

Being part of Acadia Road Residence, Vancouver, this simple, yet sophisticated, steam shower offers you two curved lounge bench where you can lie as long as you want.

This steam room impressed us from the beginning. Blue curved ceiling, orange lightings, huge sunken tub, shower; this place has all you could ever want for a perfect afternoon.

Relaxation has a different meaning for each of us. For some of us it’s easier to relax while having a walk in the park, others prefer to stay home and watch TV. This steam shower recreates almost perfectly the ambience of a living room. The couch is all yours!

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