17 Chic And Elegant Wooden Bathroom Interiors

Some materials are more suited for a certain space than others. For example, in the case of the bathroom, wood is not exactly a common choice. That’s because tiles are more resistant to humidity and more easy to clean. They’re also more durable in time and this makes them a very popular choice. but if you want your bathroom to be as inviting and elegant as the rest of your home, maybe you should consider making it look like it’s part of the same design.

A minimalist and cohesive interior design is often chosen for modern spaces

This means using the same materials you’ve used for the rest of the interior décor. Even though it’s not a very popular choice for bathroom interiors, wood is a very beautiful materials. It adds warmth and texture to a space and it’s also very elegant. Moreover, there are now types of wood that have been designed to be resistant to moisture and humidity and that can be safely used in the bathroom.

Lighting is very important so make sure it complements the décor perfectlyFor a traditional bathroom, choose a white background with wooden furnitureWood can also help create a rustic and charming décor for the bathroomAlternate different nuances of wood for a more dynamic contrastA small bathroom will feel even more cozy and intimate if it features wood-paneled wallsFor a cohesive interior design, opt for wooden floors in the bathroom as wellCombine natural materials for a unique and relaxing bathroom décor
Eclectic bathroom with wood-paneled walls and ceiling and wooden flooringA cozy and rustic bathroom interior featuring reclaimed wood featuresModern and open bathroom with stone flooring and wooden featuresYou can use different types of wood to visually differentiate the areasCozy wooden bathroom with a minimalist and transparent interior designA bathroom with wooden features become even cozier if it also has a fireplaceA contemporary bathroom with a bright and wooden interiorTo create contrast in an all-wooden interior, use different textures and finishesAlternate the materials and colors for a well-balanced décor

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You can have wood-paneled walls in the bathroom which would create a very inviting and intimate atmosphere. You can also only opt for some wooden furniture. If you decide to use wood as a main material in your bathroom, there are lots of elegant options. The possibilities are no longer limited like they used to be. We’ve selected a series of very beautiful bathroom interiors featuring wood as the main material for their décor. Take a look at them and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your own home.

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