15 Reasons To Love Bathroom Wallpaper

If there is one thing we have learned in the past year or so, it’s that wallpaper is in. People are putting it everywhere! Where paint once reigned, you’ll find patterns and colors replacing it. Some go for a big impact like wallpapering their living room. Some prefer a little pop like a patterned desk nook. And much of the time, the best wallpapered surfaces are in the bathroom. Somehow, wallpaper and tile make this perfectly interesting pair. It brings out the elements in your bathroom that you like and hides the ones that you don’t. Scroll through these 15 wallpapered bathrooms and by the end, you’ll be ready to choose wallpaper for your own.

Let’s start subtle and soft. This tiny bathroom relies on the textured look of this wallpaper for it’s interest. You feel like you’ve been transported to a relaxing spa somewhere in Asia.

We’re all pretty well acquainted with millennial pink. Instead of painting your bathroom in the blush shade, be inspired by this pink flamingo wallpaper. It’s an option that will keep you on trend in more ways than one which is a win for everyone.

You simply must consider wallpaper that showcases a natural element. The best thing about this particular pattern is that it’s white background blends with the rest of the white bathroom walls while making the vanity area stand out.

Luxe bathroom small pattern wallpaper

You don’t have to pick the large patterned wallpaper to make an impact. Small patterns really put the focus on your bathroom’s pretty elements, like fantastic sconces or a pretty sink. Just pick a color that makes those desired elements stand out.

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Powder room library books wallpaper

Who doesn’t love a good interesting wallpaper that makes you smile? Cover your powder room in just that. Like this bookshelf wallpaper that makes you feel like you’re in a library while you wash your hands at the same time.

There might not be a prettier wallpaper and tile combination as this one right here. The blue wallpaper, even if it is a busy floral pattern, paired with the neutral tile make you feel calm and relaxed just looking at it. Time to go wallpaper shopping for your own blue pattern.

Black and white is just the classiest combination there is, except you don’t really want black and white wallpaper in your bathroom, let alone any room of your home. This is where grey comes to our rescue in this zebra striped wallpaper. It’s chic and seamless, leaving the stark contrast for your other black and white elements.

Midcentury modern is easy to achieve in most of the rooms in your home, but how do you take it into your bathroom? The answer is in the wallpaper. Pick a midcentury modern color like this mustard-y yellow and you’ll have your space looking really authentic.

Modern bathroom classic lady wallpaper

When the wallpaper is different and striking, the space will be memorable. Your guests won’t be able to get over this Fornassetti wallpaper in any bathroom you choose. It’s gray background keeps it subtle while all those eyes are pleasantly disconcerting.

Girly bathroom floral pink wallpaper

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Girly decorating always tends to lean towards pink. So whether you’re decorating your bachelorette bathroom or your daughter’s bathroom, pink floral wallpaper simply cannot go amiss. Just choose a pattern that is classic enough to stay on trend.

Are you wanting to create a modern bathroom with Asian influences? Wallpaper time. Go for a pattern like this koi fish wallpaper that is simple but definitely feels oriental. After that, all your other bathroom designing decisions will be a breeze.

Maybe you’re debating whether or not your marble tiled bathroom can handle more pattern. The lovely pale mint of this blossom covered wallpaper should convince you. As long as it’s light, it can only add to your airy aesthetic.

Some bathrooms should be a space to get lost in your bubble bath and forget your cares for a while. The tropical wallpaper in this gorgeous space invites you to do just that. Take a book because it’ll be a while before you come out.

Worried that your carefully chosen and painfully installed wallpaper will someday turn off trend? Then you’ll want to pick a classic pattern, like this herringbone beauty. It will be classy for the rest of it’s life.

However, in the end, if a wallpaper pattern makes you happy, you should go for it! It can be the craziest animal pattern you’ve ever seen but if you love it, it will stay on trend for you. Just cover your master bath with it so it doesn’t have to terrify anyone else.



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