15 Double Vanities That Are Nothing Short of Inspiring

It seems like double vanities have fallen in and out of style throughout the years. For a while, you wouldn’t find a bathroom without a double vanity. Then they were really only seen in children’s bathrooms with all those little toothbrushes littering the countertop. And now, they’re back. Lucky for all of us! Having a double vanity in your bathroom can not only be convenient, it can double your storage space as well. Suddenly you gain lots of surface space as well as cabinetry for all those adult bathroom essentials. Scroll through these 15 double vanities that are nothing short of inspiring and be convinced to put one in your own home.

Many people opt for single vanities because of the perceived lack of options. However when you do a little research, you’ll find there are lots of vanity cabinets in many different styles and finishes. No matter what your home’s decor is, there is a double vanity to fit.

Contemporary bathroom open vanity storage

Of course if you aren’t a fan of the wooden cabinets, you can always install a metal frame instead. It’s a great option for those who love to use baskets as storage with their warm brown shades and textures.

When storage is scarce and there is no place to put it, it’s time to get creative. Set your double vanity out from the wall a little bit and add some hidden storage behind your mirrors. It will come in handy when there is no other space for shelves.

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Maybe you’re overflowing with space and don’t know what to do with it. Extend your double vanity to include a spot in the middle to fit a chair or a stool for hair fixing and makeup application.

How do you design your bathroom to reflect the sleek modern style in the rest of your house? With a single long mirror that spans the whole of your double vanity. The linear look will be perfect in your modern bathroom.

Whenever a piece of furniture is floating, it immediately seems more modern and trendy. So it makes sense that you would choose a floating double vanity for your bathroom to eschew all kinds of mediocre vanity looks.

Are you not really wanting to replace your current double vanity? With a coat of paint, a new set of hardware and a sweep of new wallpaper or tile, you can have your whole bathroom looking brand new without having to switch out the big pieces.

Do you have trouble keeping your bathroom surface clean and tidy? Take up some of that space by giving yourself raised bowl sinks. When there is already something on the counter, you’ll have more motivation to keep the rest clean.

No one can say no to an extra set of shelves. Split your double vanity in half with a set of them to give you easily accessible storage space and also give you the illusion of personal space, even though it’s all one countertop.

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Farmhouse bathroom vintage double vanity

Old homes require a bit of creativity when you’re implementing a new design. Use an old buffet or dresser as your double vanity cabinet in your traditional bathroom. It will fit like a glove with the history of your home.

No bathroom is too small for a double vanity, not when you have options like this. A smaller cabinet with a long double sink on top saves space but keeps the ability for double teeth brushing and hand washing.

Don’t forget to think about the elements surrounding your double vanity. A set of geometric mirrors will keep things interesting, rather than a single flat one. Definitely more up to date and unique.

Looking for that bit of pop in your bathroom? Time to look in the bright tile section of the hardware store. A wall of brightly colored tile as the backsplash will draw all attention away from any boring double vanity you can’t get rid of.

When your home has plenty of storage, it can be so freeing for all your decision making, especially in the bathroom. Opt for a double vanity that focuses on looks more than practicality because you can stash your necessities somewhere else.

Speaking of practicality, double vanities are still a good choice for the kids’ bathroom. Cover yours with tile to create a space that can take all the rough and tough and be easily wiped down at the end of the day.



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