15 Copper Bathtubs – Create A Warm Glow Focal Point In The Bathroom

Copper is a great conductor which is why it’s commonly used in pipes and heating systems in general. Also, it’s an interesting material which can be used for fixtures and décor elements. As we’ve already described in our article about using copper in the kitchen’s design, this is a not particularly appealing material to use in interior design but it has a unique character and charm and so it can be a very powerful choice.

The copper tub is the central visual feature in this Hawaiian-style bathroom

Then there’s also the option of having a copper tub with a white interior which gives it a more familiar and appealing look, making it also easier to integrate into the décor and the color scheme you’ve chosen for the bathroom.But let’s talk a little bit about copper bathtubs.

A traditional bathroom with a chic décor and an elegant copper tubThe shiny copper tub complements the Mediterranean décor quite nicelyThe tub is an interesting choice for this rough-looking, industrial-style spaceThe copper tub integrates well in the whole color palette and stands out with its shiny finishThe texture and color of the tub give it an earthy and actually elegant lookAnother well-integrated copper tub featuring a dark chocolate-brown finish
A rustic bathroom with lots of natural materials and finishes, including the tubA cozy lodge bathroom featuring a stone wall with fireplace and an elegant copper tubThe same beautiful tub but in a different décor, bright and more traditionalThe copper tub has a white interior which makes it look more appealingThe copper exterior and white interior of the tub let it integrate well into the color schemeA copper Japanese tub which definitely adds a unique touch to the roomThe copper tub stands out in this space both because of the color and the materialThe color of the tub’s exterior matches the rest of the décor perfectly

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They’re definitely not a typical feature in bathrooms, regardless of the style chosen for the décor. They can, however, be a very interesting accent feature. A copper tub can look beautiful in a Mediterranean décor as well as in a traditional bathroom, in an industrial space but also in a rustic home. There are various ways in which you can integrate this material into your home’s interior décor.

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