15 Beautiful Ways To Take Bathroom Windows To The Next Level

Often overlooked, the bathroom window is a very important feature which in part dictates how this space looks and how it feels. A large window is, whenever possible, a wonderful addition to the bathroom, especially when it brings in beautiful views. The most important role of the bathroom window is, however, to ensure good ventilation and while doing so to let in fresh air and natural light. Let’s see how others chose to deal with all of these aspects when they designed these stylish bathrooms.

A bathroom shouldn’t look or feel like a sterile, utilitarian space because that’s not its role, not in the modern home anyway. It should be as welcoming and as stylish as the living room or the bedroom and including large windows in the design is a step into the right direction, as shown here by studio Shawback Design.

The house of designer Louisa Grey looks rather simple and plain yet the limited palette of colors and finishes is not a reflection of how welcoming the spaces really are. That includes this bathroom which looks chic and stylish thanks to the delicate curtains and the two windows that let in lots of natural sunlight.

A dark and unusual chromatic palette was chosen for this bathroom designed by studio Godrich. The black walls give the space a mysterious vibe while the golden accents and in particular the chandelier create a glamorous decor. The windows are not large but they open up the space enough to not let it seem gloomy.

A set of large windows with sleek frames can dramatically a space, as proven by this exquisite bathroom of a house in Melbourne. The windows emphasize the views with an accent on the corner section of the room. The interior design and decor are simple and use neutral colors which look stylish without drawing attention.

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A large bathroom window would still be a wonderful feature even if the view it frames is not particularly great. That’s especially true in the case of small bathrooms. We love the all-white design approach featured here and the subtle hints of gold and light grey. This was a project by Archstudio.

Light in all forms plays a major role in the interior design of this glamorous bathroom. Large windows almost as big as an entire wall let in lots of natural light during the day while warm LED strips project a nice glow onto the floor, attached to the underside of the cabinets. Hanging pendant lamps complete the decor and highlight the beautiful colors.

This is the amazing interior design of a wonderful eco-resort located in Sri Lanka, a project completed by Bo Reudler Studio. The unusual angles and dome-shaped structure create a very cozy ambiance inside while large windows bring the outdoors in. The tub here is positioned in a way that allows it to take in these wonderful views.

Large bathroom windows aren’t always ideal and sometimes different strategies suit the space better. A good example is this intimate bathroom by Ioka Design. The skylight is the main source of natural light while the slim, horizontal window offers a glimpse of the outside world without compromising privacy.

A narrow bathroom window, this time vertical, lets in natural light without sacrificing privacy. At the same time, the design also adds a modern touch to the room and complements the minimalist decor.

This bathroom window frames an outdoor potted plant which looks absolutely amazing. It’s like it has its own tiny courtyard. The window is also a source of natural light for the room. This cool design was created by design studio Gray Puksand and it shows that when you don’t have a great view you can create your own.

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The clerestory design strategy allows this bathroom to receive lots of natural sunlight without having to worry about privacy in any way. The windows stretch high up all across the walls, curving to match the smooth design. This was a project by studio Schwartz and Architecture.

A remote location such as this one completely eliminates all privacy issues which means full-height windows are an option for all types of spaces, including the bathroom. Check out how gorgeous this setup designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects is.

This gorgeous tub is definitely the focal point of this bathroom but let’s not ignore all these huge windows which give a wonderful sense of freedom and spaciousness. This is a residence designed by architect Tom Reisenbichler and one of its defining characteristics is the strong relationship it shares with the surrounding landscape.

In this extraordinary house designed by the architects at SAOTA and interior design studio ARRCC the master bathroom has large windows that offer 180 degree views over the ocean. It looks dreamy, especially with the built-in tub placed strategically to capture these views.

This bathroom also has a strategically-placed tub with views over the ocean and in addition to that it also has a door that leads directly outside. The design was planned and executed by studio A Parallel Architecture and this contemporary house is located in Austin, Texas.



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