15 Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Sunken Bathtubs

Most traditional homes usually feature the same type of bathtub. But there are also other types to explore. One of them is the sunken bathtub. This style is more suited for modern and contemporary homes but it can also be adapted to other types of decors. Also, sunken tubs come in many different designs.

A nice option would be a corner sunken tub with windows on both sides

Sunken tubs are great for several reasons. One example would be the fact that they feel more relaxing, even though their shape might not differ from that of a traditional bathtub. But the fact that it sits in the ground makes it feel more intimate and thus more inviting and relaxing. Moreover, a sunken tub makes the bathroom feel more airy and even larger. It’s because the tub doesn’t obstruct the décor and the views.

If you prefer a continuous design, you can have the sunken tub hidden under the floor when not usedTo save space, create a tub/shower combo that works great with sunken modelsPlace your sunken bathtub near the window so that you get to enjoy the viewsSunken tubs come in various shapes and sizes and there are lots of stylish modelsMake sure you include some storage near your sunken tubTry to take advantage of the views as much as you can
You can have a sunken tub placed in other spaces as well if you find the décor relaxingCorner sunken tubs are quite rare but sometimes they’re the missing piece from your décorYou can position your sunken tub in a corner for more privacy or you can use curtainsA sunken tub on a terrace seems like the perfect relaxation comboTo make the tub the focal point of your décor, you can position it in the centerWhen the tub is near the window, you get to open it and to enjoy the fresh airOval-shaped tubs are quite popular and they’re a chic choiceYou can turn your bathroom into a spa and a sunken tub would be perfect addition

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Usually, sunken tubs are placed either against the wall or near the window. By having the tub sit close to a floor-to-ceiling window you get to admire and enjoy the views from an angle that you don’t explore that much. Sunken bathtubs also work well in combination with a shower as they can be the shower cabin. So you get to save space and to have a stylish décor for your bathroom. Let’s now take a look at some gorgeous bathroom interiors featuring sunken tubs.

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