15 Bathtub Tray Design Ideas For The Bath Enthusiasts Among Us

There’s that say that people seem to think is true and that says you shouldn’t eat 30 minutes before you get into the water. Of course, that’s just to keep kids on the shore a little longer. There is no actual reason why you couldn’t have a snack while taking a relaxing bath. In fact, most people don’t do that because it’s not practical. What they seem to forget is that there’s a specially-designed tray that can be very useful in such cases.

When you’re not using the tray for its intended purpose it can be a support for decorations

A bathtub tray is also very useful in case you like reading while taking a bath. It’s supposed to be a very soothing and relaxing activity so why not combine it with something just as relaxing and pleasant? The tray allows you to lay back and sit comfortable without worrying that the book will get wet and without your hand getting tired.

A bath is always more relaxing when you have a book and a glass of wineYou can give a romantic vibe to your bathroom by adding some candles and scentsIf you’d like to also have a snack there are trays with compartmentsA wooden tray gives the bathroom a more casual and rustic vibeSet the mood and start relaxing with some candles, a book and hot drinkCertain trays have built-in support designed especially for books
The bathtub tray can also be used for storage if neededSome also have compartments and structures where you can place a glass or a cupThe bathtub tray is guaranteed to make your bath time more relaxingEven though usually made of wood, trays can also be made of metal or other materialsThe handles make it more practical for you to move the trayEven the simplest and most basic design is still very practicalBathtub trays can feature different designs and can be included in all decorsA more unusual type of bathtub tray deigned mainly for storage

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It’s such a simple creation and yet it’s so practical and functional. Imagine yourself taking a nice bath and having coffee or a glass at your fingertips. Some trays have compartments where you can place different objects and most of them have a support designed especially for books. The tray is essentially nothing but a wooden board but it can also be made of other materials.

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