15 Bathrooms With Beautiful Statement Mirrors

When you think about styling a bathroom, what comes first to mind? The tile? The shower curtain? Maybe the soft towels? Bathrooms can easily be the forgotten room in the house because their purpose is all about necessity. After the tub, toilet and sink, what else do you need? Well, if you really want to make your bathroom stand out in your home, you need to look to the mirror. Since you can’t change much in terms of function, you can give yourself a bright spot that adds character to the space. Take a look at these 15 bathrooms with beautiful statement mirrors that will inspire you to look a little harder for the perfect bathroom mirror.

Round mirrors are very popular these days so your options for framing is basically limitless. If you’re looking for something that says classic and contemporary, find yourself a lovely bone framed mirror. No matter the pattern, the creamy shades will look amazing in your bathroom, whether it’s farmhouse or modern.{found on jennasuedesign}.

For the sleek totally modern bathroom, metallic is your best bet. And while we’re at it, look for something chunky! When the rest of your bathroom decor is all simple and linear, a chunky metallic mirror can really take things to the next level and give some contrast.

The starburst is a classic mirror shape for living areas, but it can work quite well in the bathroom too. As long as there is plenty of reflective space for your bathroom needs, the outer shape will add some serious style to whatever else you have going on.

For a softer look, think about starburst but inverted. The soft scalloped edges of a flower shaped mirror would be the perfect addition to a girly bachelorette’s bathroom or a kids’ bathroom. You might even choose a frame that’s brightly colored to give it more attention.

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One of the easiest ways to bring some surprise and uniqueness to a space is to mix the styles. Eclectic and sleek, modern and traditional, the unexpected makes it feel like only yours. So choosing a mirror with a traditional curve for a modern bathroom is the perfect pop of personality.

Speaking of traditional, is there anything more beautiful than a vintage mirror? They have all the details and patina that your bathroom could ever want. Find one in soft curves with a little wear around the edges for your farmhouse bathroom.

Oval mirrors can make such a beautiful soft statement in any bathroom. Whether they are rimmed in a plain black metal frame or boast some curvature and interest like the ones above, they make a good solution for attic bathrooms where the ceiling is inconvenient.{found on homestoriesatoz}.

Looking for that unexpected twist for your bathroom? Consider hanging a mirror long ways instead of vertically. At first it might seem strange but the longer you look at it, the more it will seem to belong, with the decorative edges spanning the sink.

When rustic is the goal, who can resist a live edge these days? A live edge mirror in your bathroom is totally a custom project and probably more expensive than store bought… but just look at the natural beauty it brings to a rustic bathroom.

Organization is extremely important when you share a bathroom with someone else. In keeping with that goal, opt for linear mirrors above your double sink. They will look chic and pulled together in a bathroom full of jars and baskets.{found on jillianlare}.

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When you think of a French styled bathroom, a beautiful gilded mirror is inevitably what comes to mind. Lucky for you, those gold framed beauties work with so many styles, whether it’s French or not. It might flow or it might bring that much needed bit of glam.

Some bathrooms don’t have the space enough for a large mirror. Don’t give up. There are small ones that can still bring an impact to any corner sink. A wood frame will add a rustic touch or maybe you need something metallic for glitz. Either way, don’t be afraid to go small in size but big in style.

A modern house can really benefit from the asymmetrical elements. When everything is sleek and simple, it’s important to use the elements you have to their greatest styling capacity. So an asymmetrical mirror in a simple modern bathroom is the perfect pair to make the space feel finished and thought out.

Who wouldn’t want a wall of mirrors in your bathroom? Not only will you have the biggest statement mirror on the block, you’ll feel like a celebrity every time you go to get ready in the morning. Definitely worth the hanging hassle.

Sometimes, when the rest of your bathroom is covered in patterned tile and wood accents and metallic finishes, the best thing you can do is to hang a simple large round mirror. Among all the pattern and texture, it will attract as much attention as if it were sparkly and the shape of the Eiffel Tower.



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