13 Beautiful Bathroom Design Ideas

Whether you are willing to admit or not, every room is very important in our lives and each room has its own importance and usefulness. Let’s take the bathroom for example: we only spend like a half an hour there every day, but still we can’t live without it. And if we want to feel fine during that half an hour we must make the bathroom a nice and comfortable place, with everything we need in it.

Interior home by designed by Jim Howard.

OK, nowadays we also consider the design and the looks, apart from the functionality of the bathroom, but that only shows our continuous development and increase in the way things look around us, trying to make our house a home. Here are 13 beautiful bathroom design ideas that you can admire and borrow or get inspiration from if you want to redesign your bathroom or you consider arranging your bathroom in a different way.

Interior Nan Procknow and architect Don Ruggles.

Contemporary Bathroom Renovation by MOW Design Studio.

Garden House by David Guerra.

Bathroom from a Gorgeous Apartment in Sweden.

Bathroom from a Elegant complex in Vaasa City.

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Bathroom from a Contemporary yet elegant apartment in Vasatan.

The first thing to do is establish if you want to have a bathtub or a shower cabin or both, depending on your personal preferences, lifestyle and also the size of the bathroom. Modern young people prefer showers, but bathtubs offer a great comfort and make you relax after a long day at work. You can choose a modern bath made of fiber glass in any shape but you can also like to have a classic marble bath or stone bath in big size and having an impressive cut.

Breathtaking duplex apartment with contemporary design.

House in Santander by A-cero Architects.

Bathroom from Kimber Modern Hotel by Burton Baldridge Architects.

Bathroom from Whidbey Island Beach House by Soli Terry Architects.

Bathroom from English Residence by ZeroEnergy Design.

Try to match the colour of the bath and the bathroom vanities and all the things you have in the bathroom, so as to create the impression of unity , of beauty and simplicity. The colours of choice for this room are different shades of blue, white, beige – all pretty light colours. You can also try to combine different materials used for arranging your bathroom like wood and ceramics, glass and porcelain, metal and stone. All these combinations are great and you can see that from the pictures.

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