100 Beautiful Bathrooms to Help You Achieve Spa Status

When you move into a new home, the mind immediately begins to decorate the empty spaces. All the paint swatches to choose from and all the ways you can arrange the furniture keep you busy for a while. Even the kitchen, full of cabinets and appliances, can receive a makeover with some paint and pretty storage for the kitchen counter.

Cement bathroom vanity countertop design and black faucet

Artistic Designs For Living Bathroom design with a Day Green Bed and modern Black white Floor

Cement bathroom vanity countertop design and black faucet

Wood accents for bathroom vanity

Cement bathroom vanity countertop design and black faucet

Bathroom design from S&T architects Design a Bright Penthaus in Kiev

Gray walls and pop of orange through vanity countertop

Artistic Designs For Living Bathroom design with a Day Green Bed and modern Black white Floor

But when we’re done, too many times we don’t really take the decorating aspect into the bathroom. Even though we usually start and end the day here, the bathroom can get lost in it’s purpose, never to embrace it’s possible beauty. The reality is that bathrooms can be beautiful spaces that you will enjoy and that will improve the value of your home. Take a look at these 100 beautiful bathrooms that are sure to make you covet a gorgeous water closet of your own.

When you are a bath taker, a bathtub is a must for your home’s main bathroom. Installing a large tub in the middle of your bathroom can make your space feel completely dedicated to that relaxing bathtime.

Sometimes we are at a loss as to filling the floor space in a large bathroom. What do you do when you already have the sink, shower, tub and toilet and there is still an empty corner? Artistic Designs For Living used the space for a lovely velvet chaise that makes you want to linger here at little bit longer.

Hacket Holland seems to lean towards smokey shades in their bathroom designs. As long as there is a window to shed some light on the space, the deeper blues and grays will give your bathroom as soothing cave-like feel that’s just right for waking up and winding down.

One thing to consider when renovating any space in your home is how it will blend with the history and architecture. This bathroom mixes modern style with the original beauty of the 160 year old home.

When you’re favorite designs aren’t quite modern but aren’t quite rustic either, it’s wise to mix the two to achieve a look that reflects your unique style. Redo Home + Design used sleek marble tile in this bathroom to keep it up to to date while converting vintage chippy dressers into sinks for that imperfect look.

It’s amazing how much we underestimate tile. The right pattern or shape can fill out a bathroom and make it seem styled and finished. So think outside the subway tile box and choose the unexpected to bring some personality to your bathroom.

Why does it seem so inconvenient to have a window in the bathroom? If your home is in a location where a window is feasible, go ahead and have one! The presence of curtains will immediately make your bathroom seem like a spa.

Planning a minimal modern home can seem harder than it is, especially in the bathroom. Instead of filling the space with tile, opt for natural elements like concrete and wood, like this bathroom from Ardess.

No matter what room you are decorating, you want it to make you smile if possible. So the floral wallpaper that Lucyna Kołodziejska put into this bathroom gives an otherwise sleek space a bit of whimsy that you can’t help but smile at.

Sandrine Place went for soft pastel shades in this lovely bathroom. Yet, it still feels trendy and not like you’d find Marie Antoinette in the bathtub. The modern light fixtures and various shades of blue definitely keep things up to date.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with a traditional bathroom. Architect Laurent Bourgois really focuses on traditional features like those lovely clawfoot bathtubs and old paintings to give the space a feel of historical glamor.

There are so many necessities in the bathroom, proper storage is a must. So creating open storage like the shelves in this bathroom gives you so much opportunity for decorating and styling which will really take your bathroom to the next level.

Who doesn’t love marble? It feels so chic and classy that we’ll pay for as much as possible. B.E Architecture covered this modern bathroom with it and they should definitely be proud of the result. They have proven that you can never have too much marble.

DA Inc. uses the classic color combination of black and white to bring contemporary style into this bathroom. It’s a lovely option for many homes because it will match whatever is going on in the rest of your home.

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There is such a clean and comforting look about honeyed wood against white tile. This bathroom by Randy Bens is just calming to the eye and while there is a lot of white tile, it really stays warm and welcoming.

Hiren Patel Architects definitely takes it’s design inspiration from Asian homes. They use glass to separate spaces but keeping an open look and all those rock elements really give these bathrooms a spa-like feel.

Concrete countertops are good for many design styles. From modern bathrooms to rustic bathrooms like this one from architects Aamodt / Plumb, it’s a great surface that is easy to clean and brings some texture to your bathroom.

You might not have noticed, but a room that is decorated with mostly all the same color is easier on the eyes. Cecconi Simone used one kind of material for these bathrooms to really pull the whole space together in one seamless look.

Don’t be afraid of interesting options to make your bathroom work for you. Taller David Dana opted for rounded sinks and tiny bathtubs to give these bathrooms all the necessities while using the available space.

When your bathroom has no windows, it’s time to get creative with your lighting. Tanju Özelgin used lights underneath the bathtub to bring a different look to the whole room.

Small bathrooms can look visually cluttered once you have all the bathroom necessities installed. But using a glass shower border like in this bathroom by InForm Design will let your eyes take in the whole space instead of dividing up the square footage.

A bathroom that takes advantage of black is very much a bathroom to be envied. InForm Design uses black tile to stay contemporary without losing the texture and pattern that tile always brings to the bathroom.

Whenever there is a dark spot in your home, hanging a mirror will easily fix it. Thankfully the bathroom is meant for mirrors so you can follow suit with this bathroom from Sbm Studio and include all the mirrors you desire.

Jane Young Design knows the need for relaxation space in a bathroom. Both of the bathrooms in this house provide that space, with a shower bench in one and a bathtub in the other. It would be impossible to stay tense and stressed after a little time under the warm water.

K2A wisely decided that in order to stick with the modern feel of the black brick on the exterior of this house, they need to incorporate black into the interior as well. The black shower and floor of this bathroom blends nicely with the rest of the home.

When remodeling anything in your home, it’s important to have a budget. CF Arquitetura used simple materials like subway tile and wood floor so they could use the bulk of the budget on luxurious necessities like the bathtub.

Beige can be your best friend when it comes to bathroom decor. Covering the room in light brown shades like this bathroom from Carney Logan Burke Architects can bring a peace of mind that you didn’t know was possible.

Tile doesn’t have to be completely flat. Warc Studio chose to cover walls in a white subway tile that has a wave to it. It makes them look handmade and gives the whole bathroom a feeling of excess.

If you’re looking for clever and beautiful ways to use up floor space in your bathroom, take a page from Dick Clark Architecture‘s book. By building out a wall, you can create shower and toilet nooks behind your deep and glorious tub.

Need a little color in your life? Opt for a bright countertop in your otherwise neutral bathroom. Amit Apel had the right idea with a coral colored counter against a warm gray wall.

Don’t forget to add some of your own personality to your bathroom. Hang some pictures of your family or your dog by the mirror like in this Chen + Suchart Studio bathroom to greet you with happy faces every morning.

How many people really think about the design of a room’s ceiling? Obviously the designers at Mayes Office. Installing a wood ceiling really brings some warmth to this bathroom without having to sacrifice any of the marble surfaces.

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Everyone knows that women need more surface space in the bathroom than men. O+L Building Projects extended the sink’s counter to include a vanity area for hair and makeup prep, fulfilling every girl’s dream.

We’ve established that tile doesn’t have to be white, so we should conclude that tile doesn’t have to be neutral either. This bathroom by Lai Cheong Brown doesn’t need any decoration whatsoever because the lovely blue tile speaks for itself.

Master bedrooms are at their best when there is an open flow to the master bathroom. Archimedia used the separating wall space for those aspects that need to hide the plumbing, effectively including all the bathroom elements in a small space.

You could almost believe that this bathroom by Hook Turn Architecture is a black and white photo. Except it isn’t. They made everything possible, down to the plumbing, black or white which is a perfect match for that busy tile.

Want to make your bathtub stand out against the rest of your bathroom? Follow the thoughts of Ibarra Rosano Design Architects and install your bathtub against colored tile. You will really get that pop you wanted.

Renovating a bathroom by yourself doesn’t have to be complicated but there are a few tips that will make things easier. Like putting all your plumbing through the same wall and close together. Canny Design really nailed this by putting the bathtub INSIDE the shower in this sleek bathroom.

So many times, the one quandary for the bathroom is how to get more storage. By installing a sink that is open underneath, like the one in this S&T Architects bathroom, there is plenty of space below the counter for drawers and baskets to hold all your things.

Who says indoor greenhouses are out? Egue y Seta puts this amazing bathtub inside a greenhouse to give you the feeling of bathing in a jungle without actually being outdoors.

Most people would probably agree, the more counter space the better. Hazel Baker uses an entire wall for two sinks and plenty of space for hair and makeup design as well. Your bathroom will be the hangout on girl’s nights.

Just look at those walls! This bathroom, designed by Dennis Gibbens Architects, relies on the stone’s variations in color to give the space real interest for the eyes.

Gray grout seems to be the in thing for bathrooms nowadays, but sometimes it can end up making the walls look dingy. KW Studio solves the issue by using white grout for the bulk of the walls and uses the trend for the floor tile.

If you thought a bathtub in the shower was brilliant, how about this one where the tub is sunken into the shower? Lagula Arquitectes made both features possible in this smokey tiled bathroom.

Rather than start all new, Domenico Fiore uses nature to help shape the design of this hotel. He carved a shower into the rock instead of making it jut out into the bathroom. Definitely a space saving move.

While tile can be expensive, you can still get the look you want by choosing many different patterns instead of opting for just one. Geometrium uses probably a dozen different patterns in this one bathroom and leaves the colors to tie it together.

If there is an option in your bathroom for a massage table, never say no. Roselind Wilson Design uses the little nook in this bathroom as a private massage retreat where you can truly get away and relax in your own home.

A great view should always be admired from every room, even the bathroom. McClean Design created this bathroom so the view of the city from that large window can be seen from almost every corner of the space.

Do you need to make your bathroom look much bigger than it is? Follow in Frits de Vries Architect‘s footsteps and make one wall into a closet with mirrored doors. Suddenly your bathroom looks twice the size.

Maybe it’s time to think outside the white porcelain box and opt for a bathtub like this one. Tom Reisenbichler really chose a great piece that’s both decorative and useful for this bathroom. A real showstopper.

Bathrooms just really are better when there is natural light coming in. Swatt Miers Architects had the good sense to install a skylight in this modern bathroom so you can star



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