10 Ways To Design A Marble Bathroom From A Modern Perspective

Marble is viewed as a sophisticated and luxurious material and is appreciated for its looks, being often a prime choice for kitchens and bathrooms. There are many different ways to use marble in interior design and today we’re going to explore 10 methods which you can use if you want to include this exquisite material in your bathroom. There’s an option for everyone, whether you’re the type that likes to be surrounded by marble or to only use it in small doses. A marble bathroom will always look refined and elegant, no matter how you look at it.

Full marble bathroom

There’s marble on the walls, floor and ceiling of this contemporary bathroom and instead of looking overwhelming it actually maintains a rather simple and look. The key is to allow this material to  be the center of attention and to avoid strong contrasts or unnecessary extra focal points.

An elegant marble backsplash

Marble is an excellent backsplash material and if you add a strip of LED lights to the underside of the cabinets/ mirrors you’ll highlight its beauty even more. A marble backsplash can be paired with a matching countertop but we actually prefer this plain white one better.

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Marble washbasins

If you think marble backsplashes and countertops are too common and you’d rather opt for something else, another option can be a marble washbasin (or more than one, depending on the type of bathroom you’re decorating).

A marble bathtub

Of course, there are other ways to avoid mainstream decors and still use marble in your bathroom. A great example is a marble bathtub. Obviously a freestanding tub is your best bet if you want this to become a statement piece and focal point for the bathroom.

A marble tub surround

As stylish and beautiful as freestanding tubs are, sometimes they’re just not the best option. A built-in tub doesn’t completely ruin your chances of adding elegant marble accents to the decor. In fact, it reveals a whole new range of design possibilities. For example, a marble top surround can make the tub stand out in a really interesting way.

Marble accessories

You can still bring marble into your bathroom even if you’re already finished designing and decorating it. After all, there’s always room for new accessories. How about a stylish marble set like this one? It’s the little things that complete a space and give it the desired atmosphere.

Marble pedestal sinks

Pedestal sinks used to be very popular a few decades ago and recently they’ve made a stylish comeback. You can find a variety of modern pedestal sinks with elegant and sculptural designs and they come in several different materials including marble.

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Marble cabinet fronts

As you can see, marble is a very versatile material which can be used for much more than just backslashes, tiles, sinks and countertops. It can even become a part of stylish furniture pieces. For example, vanity or cabinet with marble front panels can really stand out.

A marble accent wall

The most beautiful thing about marble is the fact that it features these unique patterns and if you want to truly capture the beauty of the veins you need large marble tiles or surfaces. An accent wall would in this case be a great idea.

More marble accessories

The Orion or Norma series from ooumm reveal new and unexpected to bring marble into the bathroom in the form of unique accessories. Thin marble slices are cut with incredible precision and shaped into sophisticated decorations which are paired with oil lamps or candles. These exquisite accessories stand out and aren’t entirely non-functional either. They’re the elements which give a bathroom character.



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