10 Walk In Shower Designs To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are tricky things to design, especially when you’re looking at your master bath. The goal is ultimate relaxation with productivity thrown in. So you start your list of must haves before you even choose the tile; toilet for necessity, double sink for convenience, bath for relaxation, but what about the shower? It would be easier on the budget and the space to double it up with the tub but that makes your choices rather limited. After that, does your mind automatically wander to the walk in shower designs? Don’t throw out the option because, while you may have to do a little finagling in your floor plan to make it fit, you will definitely benefit from having your tub and shower separate. Take a look at these 10 walk in shower designs to upgrade your bathroom.

You have to admit, a walk in shower is just a spa feeling feature in any bathroom. It speaks to your grown up soul to take your time under the waterfall showerhead. Or at least it should because isn’t that what we all want our bathrooms to feel like?

Remember that decision to have a double vanity for convenience? Well, a walk in shower gives you the opportunity for double shower heads. That means you and your significant other can get ready for work at your own pace and no one is waiting for water.

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Maybe you’re sitting there shaking your head, thinking that your bathroom is too small. On the contrary! A walk in shower gives your bathroom the illusion of more space due to its open glass doors. You can see from wall to wall unlike showers that require a curtain.

Speaking of small bathrooms, walk in showers are the perfect solution for those odd corners under the eaves of your attic bathroom. Since glass and tile are easily customized, you won’t pay as much of your budget for a shower that fits perfectly.

Not everyone has a small bathroom to contend with. If you’re just rolling in floor space, consider separating your bath from your shower by installing a walk in shower in the corner. It is sure to help fill your space and make it look as luxurious as possible.

Who doesn’t love a seamless wood floor? When you’re planning out your bathroom, consider using a wood looking tile. You can have it installed from corner to corner, even through your shower design, and make your space look extremely modern and seamless.

If you’d prefer to hid your shower away, it’s time to build a wall. Install your walk in shower behind your vanity. It doesn’t require much more space that you already have but it will make your bathroom look never ending. Exactly the kind of expensive bathroom we all want someday.

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A walk in shower isn’t required to have glass doors. You can always build shower walls to create a little hideaway nook for shower singing sessions or brainstorming hours. This is especially helpful for the home that only has one bathroom for the whole family.

Do you love the tile in your bathroom? Make your shower a walk in design with a glass door and you’ll be able to see your beloved pattern even more than before. And why else would you have pretty tile but to look at it?

Many walk in showers have tile that isn’t pretty at all. If you’re looking at your walk in shower in despair, give yourself a better budget and retile your walk in shower with a design that makes your heart happy. Because we should do our best to make even the essential pieces of our homes into beautiful things we love.



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