10 Round Bathtub Design Ideas And Decors That Go With Them

In any bathroom, provided that there’s enough space, the bathtub is the most important décor element. Usually the whole design of the room revolves around the tub. According to its size, design and shape, everything else differs from case to case as well. Round bathtubs are not as popular as rectangular-shaped ones yet they are very charming.

This bathtub was chosen to complement an Asian-inspired bathroom interior. The soaking tub is a wonderful accent piece and it goes well with the wall treatments, the colors, materials, textures and the décor in general. The plants were also beautifully chosen to match the theme.

This bathroom looks more like a spa area. The round tub has a very nice design. The stone is a material that was also beautifully exploited throughout the entire décor. In addition, the fireplace warms up the atmosphere. Of course, the window and the views are spectacular and make this bathroom stand out even more.

A round bathtub is sometimes preferred to one that has a rectangular shape because it feels more comfortable and relaxing. This being said, it’s important to make the surrounding décor feel relaxing as well. You can use curtains and even have some shelves close by where you could display oils and all sorts of other things you usually use.

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Regardless of the style you prefer for your bathroom, you can always find beautiful round bathtubs. For example, if you want a contemporary style for this room, here’s a very nice round bathtub that you could use. It has a minimalist and clean design and it’s also meant to be very comfortable.

Lots of people prefer a minimalist décor for the bathroom because it’s a clean and simple style and it suits the room well. Here’s another very beautiful bathtub, also with a round shape and also contemporary. It comes in both white and black and it has a special design that allows you to sit comfortably and to enjoy your bath.

In a way, a round bathtub is like a mini pool that you can have in your bathroom. This particular bathtub has a square corpus and a round interior. It’s a deep tub and this way your body will be completely surrounded by water, allowing you to relax and to let the calm and serene atmosphere capture you.

This minimalist round tub complements the décor of this bathroom perfectly. First of all, it has a very clean and simple design. Its soft and delicate lines and overall design allow it to seem lightweight and very chic. The simplicity of the décor can also be seen throughout the room. The built-in shelves look wonderful near the tub.

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Of course, nobody said that the bathtub has to sit in the bathroom. If you want, you can have your tub be placed somewhere else, somewhere from where you could admire the views and relax even more. This stylish round bathtub doesn’t need anything else in order to stand out.

Some people prefer deep tub in which they can be completely surrounded by water. Others prefer a large tub where they can have more freedom of movement. Well, this tub offers that in style. It’s a chic and modern tub with a black exterior and a white interior. The tub is placed on a white area rug so the contrast is even stronger.

Round tubs are relaxing and chic but, in order for the atmosphere to be pleasant, calm and relaxing, the rest of the décor is also important. This attic space seems perfect. The slanted roof creates a warm and intimate atmosphere and the contrast between the modern and minimalist tub and the vintage charm of the wooden beams is lovely as well. In addition, the skylight is an amazing element.

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