10 Inspiring Designer Bathrooms That Will Make You Dream of Remodeling

Let’s face it: We all probably spend more time in the bathroom than we realize, so it’s no surprise that we want the space to be super functional and, if possible, really stylish. Besides, the bathroom is where you prepare yourself for the day, giving yourself a fresh and clean look as you venture forward. No one wants to do that in a cramped, cluttered and hodge-podge space. Of course, not all of us have the budget or room for overhauling and enlarging the bathroom, but every great designer example has a nugget of an idea that can lead to an improvement for your own space. Have a look at these ten designer bathrooms and see what inspires you to upgrade your own.

Leisure and Luxury

If you love to take baths, this space is perfect for you. It is totally focused on the freestanding bathtub and all the accessories are targeted on elevating the soaking experience. Coordinated with all the chrome trim, the occasional tablet, champagne bucket and small bar cart are useful and make the bathroom look very luxurious. Even if you don’t have such a large bathroom, maybe you have room for a small table or cart, which can be used to store some bathroom essentials underneath and your champagne (or tea) accessories on the top. At the very least, you can bring in a champagne bucket whenever you want a decadent soak in the tub!

Dark Drama

Set into an alcove, this marvelous tub is entirely surrounded by dark and dramatic marble. If you have a bathroom that has no windows, instead of fighting the lack of light, try capitalizing on that fact and make it a moody space with enough task lighting to make personal grooming easy. In fact, many of us have bathtubs that are bounded by walls on three sides, so this designer bathroom also shows how you can style a ledge. These are a bit wider than may be typical, but adding a case or a set at gorgeous candle holders can perk up the bath space. Adding a small but interesting chair to the bathroom not only gives you a place to sit, but can bring in a softer texture and added color.

A Perfect Powder Room

So many lovely elements feature in this designer powder room that you’re bound to find something to inspire a change in your own. First, the two-tier take one pedestal sink has a shelf below that give you room to put some extra towels or accessories. The brass legs and exposed plumbing coordinate with the oval mirror and the rest of the hardware in the bathroom. The walls are all covered in a modern trompe l’oeil geometric pattern, complemented by the ceiling that is painted in a muted spring green. We love the small touches like the flower arrangement on the back of the toilet tank, a pretty woven basket used as a waste bin, and cute embroidered guest towels. Each little detail helps makes the powder room feel special.

Upgraded Alcove

We already know that so many us have a bathtub set into an alcove, so why not turn it into a stunning bathroom feature. This designer space has an old-fashioned clawfoot tub atop a bold geometric tile patterned floor. The surrounding walls are also finished with a black and white tile but in a much smaller scale pattern, which is key for mixing them. Two more elements set this bathroom apart: the decorative mirror that hangs over the tub inside the alcove and the curtain, which is styled with two panels just like a window covering instead of a single unit that is pushed to one side. Doing this puts the focus on the tub and adds a little touch of drama and mystery.

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Modern Earthiness

A bathroom that is basically one style can be transformed to feel a bit more like another, even if you can’t replace the fixtures. Here, the dark vanity and toilet are pretty modern, but the overall vibe of the bathroom is earthy and global. The designer did this by swapping out all the elements that were easy to change. First, the walls are covered in a grasscloth and the floor features a tribal rug instead of the usual generic style of bathroom floor rug. Small accessories like the wall piece, lamp and towel tray are all made of natural materials and have a global look. To tie it all together, the shower curtain is black and white with a dotted, vertical strip and is used not only for the bathtub but also as a curtain next to the vanity.

Black and White

Black and white is a classic color combo but this bathroom certainly gives it a modern twist. Two bold patterns are used on adjoining walls and created a dramatic space. A cube occasions table in an abstract design adds some extra workspace as well as a third pattern.  This mix shows how three very different patterns can go together if the color palette is the same. If you can’t retile your bathroom walls, you can still achieve the same look by using wallpaper, which these days is available in some amazing patterns and designs.

Thoroughly Modern

Another black and white bathroom has a different look. This one feels a little less energetic and has a refined vibe. A big chevron pattern on the color is combined with two styles of tile on the wall. The lower third of the bathroom wall is tiled in a plain textured black while the top section is an all-white large-scale basketweave design. A black vanity cabinet is topped with a gray counter and organically shaped vessel sink. Oversized hardware lends an edge of luxury, so replacing your bathroom hardware with an oversized option could give the space a brand new look!

Showy Bathtub

An eggplant purple claw-footed bathtub is an attention-getter on its own, but even more so when it’s turned into a centerpiece like this one. Set atop a tile section for stability, this tub is further enhanced by the artistic wall mural inset behind it. Dramatic lighting gives it even more of a “wow “factor. The animal motif carries over onto another wall at the end of the spec, where an antique cabinet has been repurposed as a vanity. If you’re lucky enough to have a freestanding bathtub, a mural or other stroking wall element is a great way to direct more focus toward the tub. And, if you have the room, a piece of furniture could have new life in your bathroom as a vanity or storage unit.

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Tile Mix

In the best example of how tiling the bathroom doesn’t have to mean using a single design, this shower features two different looks. A more varied and complex pattern of tile is used on one wall as an accent and the remainder of the shower is done in a plain marble that has some of the same colors as the accent tile. Use this technique to accent a wall in the shower to make it feel larger or to pick up on an accent elsewhere in the bathroom.

Pretty Details

When you can’t change the major elements in a bathroom, the easiest was to transform it is through the details. This retro bathroom has some fixture upgrades but the overall layout is the original. Things like the rattan-framed mirror, flower planter on the tank and custom skirt around the vanity dress up the space. Draping your bathroom sink in a tailored or frilly style is a budget-conscious way to hide storage and add a pop of pattern and color ad the same time. It’s an old-fashioned technique that is coming back into favor.

Terrazzo Style

Terrazzo is hot for home decor right now so this bathroom with its terrazzo tile shower is completely on-trend. The speckled look is quite versatile and in this space, it is a great moderating influence for the pink-hued vanity and wallpaper. A glass door and enclosure are ideal for showing off the lighter shower space and the barndoor-style sliding mechanism is perfect for ease in a tighter space like this one. In the shower, a slim stool is just right for setting down a sponge or bath accessory.

Boldly Hued Vanity

Neutral tones have long been the rule for a bathroom vanity but for those willing to take a risk on color, it can pay off in spades. The bright designer bathroom features an apple green vanity as the centerpiece. The same color is repeated in smaller doses in the drapes and the ottoman. A light neutral wall covering is paired with darker neutral on the ceiling, which is accented with speckles. Overall, the look is very fresh and cheery. Note that for the drapes, the designer hung the rod by the ceiling to make the room feel taller.

Framed Tile

Tile designs have become so intricate and special that they are often works of art, so why not showcase them that way?  This freestanding bathtub is highlighted by a backsplash of sorts, crafted from a slab of marble tile in an intricate, delicate leafy pattern. The color scheme blends with the gray wall covering but certainly stands out. Since the bathroom is not a great place to display valuable artworks because of the moist environment, a tile focal point is a wonderful alternative. Note that the papered ceiling pulls together all the elements in a very stealthy way.

Have some ideas for your own bathroom now?  These great designer bathrooms are chock full of inspiration, from the big to the small. Once you find something that you think will work for you, look for other examples that might be even more inspiring. You never know what you ‘ll come up with to make your bathroom more stylish and useful



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