10 Big Bathroom Trends to Upgrade Your Space for 2020

When it comes to what’s in and what’s out for home decor in 2020, most people immediately think about their main living spaces. That’s great but there are some fabulous trends for the bathroom too. Let’s be honest: We all spend a good amount of time in the bathroom every day, prepping and primping to go to work or out for fun. Especially with the move toward more spa-like bathrooms, this important space is under greater focus. And why shouldn’t it be? You need to be functional and want it to be relaxing, but it can be super stylish too.  Check out these 10 bathroom trends for 2020.

Brass Fixtures and Accents

This finish might be waning when it comes to kitchen trends, but for the bathroom, it’s just getting started. Brass fixtures and accents immediately add a touch of luxury. Maybe it’s their warmth or because they’re obviously different from the basic styles, brass fixtures and accents make the bathroom distinctive. This faucet from Waterworks has matching knobs that are out of the ordinary, but even more standard types take on added style when sporting a brass finish.

Soaking Tubs

Stand-alone tubs have been popular for some time now and it’s no wonder that the deep, soaking styles are trending. At the end of the day, sinking into a deep tub full of warm, soothing water is a serious at-home luxury. Although these types of tubs used to be limited to the old-fashioned clawfoot kind, today’s styles run the gamut from traditional to contemporary or very minimalist, like this one.

Lighted Mirrors

Now you see it, now you don’t! Lighting that is integrated within the frame of a mirror, as in this Duravit model, is another can’t miss trend. Whether you need it for space reasons or want it for extra lighting, this type of bathroom mirror is suitable for any style of bathroom. It’s easily paired with wall sconces or an overhead light, depending on the specific space and lighting situation that you’re working with. It also provides plenty of functional light in bathrooms where space is at a premium.

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Framed Mirrors

The style of powder rooms is definitely moving from the understated to the bold, and framed mirrors — for really any bathroom — are far more stylish than the panels or beveled basics. Using a framed mirror creates the opportunity to add more personality or drama to a space, especially when combined with an interesting sink and a large-scale wallpaper print as in the bathroom by Lixil from American Standard.

Colored Tubs

We’ve already hit the stand-alone tub trend, but for an even bolder move, homeowners are choosing colored tubs. It used to be that the term conjured up the pink, avocado or gold fixtures of the 1940s and 1950’s (they were all the rage back then!) Thank goodness times have changed and today’s colored tubs are still pristine white on the inside and are only colored on the outside. This particular tube is by Produits Neptune, a Canadian manufacturer, but they are available from an increasing number of suppliers. Some brands even allow you to choose any color on the Pantone spectrum!

Statement Tile Shapes

Tile for the bathroom is certainly not a new idea but the shape of things to come is a far more distinctive one. From sculpted geometrics to scallops and fans, trends for bathroom tile are moving away from the standard squares and rectangles.  Just as the ubiquitous subway tile is fading from favor, these more interesting tile shapes are taking over. This one from Artistic Tile is a more elaborate mosaic fan design, but many simpler scallop and fan shapes are readily available as well.

More Drama

As bathrooms take on more personality, they are also becoming more dramatic. This one, featured at the Kips Bay Showhouse in 2019, has a darkly sensuous aubergine-purple clawfoot tub, but drama can be achieved in any bathroom. Details like deep colors, large-scale wallpaper prints or murals, and one-of-a-kind accessories transform a plain bathroom into a very distinctive one. The use of a corner cabinet as a dressing table, the tassel detailing on the stool and the small table attached to the wall by the tub are good examples of how attention to the little things makes a huge difference.

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The Marble Look

The look of marble is a big bathroom trend for 2020. If you’re remodeling and you have the budget, go for the real thing.  If not, there are other options for achieving the same luxurious look. Modern wallpaper prints can easily mimic the look of real marble and you can do this even in an apartment thanks to the removable types. This marble wallpaper is a vinyl-coated peel-and-stick product from Burke Decor that goes up as easily as it comes down. This means it’s a cinch to upgrade an apartment bathroom from blah to beautiful. The marble also looks great with that soaking tub that’s also trending!

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks are definitely trending for smaller bathrooms and especially powder rooms. From this vessel style to the more standard rectangular sinks sitting on a four-legged frame, this type of sink frees up valuable space in a smaller bathroom. Pedestal sinks can also make a bathroom seem bigger because there is more open floor space than there would be with a cabinet-style vanity. They can also be very statement-making when compared to a floating vanity.

Luxe Showers

The trend for enormous and open showers is fading but that doesn’t mean that a luxurious shower experience is too. In fact, homeowners are looking for more personalized showers even in cozier spaces. Everything from massaging showerheads to rainfall varieties is being combined with sprayers that can be fixed to the wall or installed as a hand-held style. Built-in mirrors for shaving in the shower along with custom benches and cubbies are very popular for creating a shower that fits specific needs and desires. This one, by Lixil, has all of these elements.

While some of these trends require a major remodel to achieve, quite a few of them can be incorporated as an upgrade to an existing bathroom design. Whether the budget allows for faux-marble wallpaper or a room full of amazing new scalloped tile, there are plenty of options for bringing the bathroom into style for the new decade!



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