Tiny Apartment Mixes Styles With An Eye For Fashion

When designing the Toy House, the team at KC Design Studio had to carefully asses the requirements of their clients in order to find the right combination of styles. The team’s approach is to always discard meaningless decorations and put an emphasis on the relationships between people and the environment. Their projects are interesting but simple and this project is quite unique in this sense.

The Toy House apartment in New Taipei leather sofa

The Toy House is a small apartment located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It measures only 50 square meters (around 538 square feet) and its owners work in the graphic design and fashion industries. They collect toy figures and LEGO as a hobby and this influenced the apartment’s interior design is a rather fun and cheerful way.

The Toy House apartment in New Taipei mezzanine level

The Toy House apartment in New Taipei cowhide area rug

The requirements for the project were quite challenging. It had to include a large space for the owners to use as a showroom, display and storage area. In order to satisfy the clients’ requirements and to also capture their uniqueness the team had to mix and match different styles.

The Toy House apartment in New Taipei personal collection display

As a result, the apartment’s new interior design merges different structural elements and materials but manages to stay simple overall. Minimalist details and mixed with classical features, warm colors with cold gray walls, neutral materials with textured ones and so on, resulting in an eclectic style with lots of character.

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The Toy House apartment in New Taipei collectibles displayed on shelves

The Toy House apartment in New Taipei corner furniture

The uniqueness of the design also comes from the fact that the owners wanted to include their personal collection of antique furniture in the mix. The contrasting resulting combo gives the design a lot of flavor and, in a way, also a little bit of holiday flair.

The Toy House apartment in New Taipei sleeping area

The apartment has a mezzanine level, raised on a platform on one side of the space. It houses a cozy sleeping area. A simple black staircase offers access to this level and, despite the obvious division, the ambiance remains open and cohesive throughout.

The Toy House apartment in New Taipei small kitchen inside the stairs

The Toy House apartment in New Taipei kitchen geometric floor tiles

The living space is defined by a brown leather couch set against a rough concrete wall decorated with mirrors and frames. The cowhide area rug creates a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere and the owner’s quirky decorations add charm to the décor.

The Toy House apartment in New Taipei wall mirrors

A small kitchen nicely fits to the right of the staircase, featuring built-in storage shelves inside the treads. This portion of the apartment was designed with matching tiles for the walls and floor which create a geometric pattern while also adding color to the apartment.

The Toy House apartment in New Taipei bathroom



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