Small City Break Apartment With High Ceilings and Eclectic Delight

An apartment of only 49 square meters doesn’t seem like a lot, especially when you’re imagining it as a permanent home. The small apartment size, however, is not such a big problem if the place is just a temporary shelter. The owners of this apartment in Vilnius Old Town in Lithuania actually live in a different city and only occasionally spend time here. The apartment is their temporary city break home

The apartment is small but large enough to suit its owners occasional needs for cozynessThe interior design of the apartment is a partial reflection of the building’s historical natureThe lounge area is nicely placed in a corner, being framed by the kitchen bar and the windows

The building which holds the apartment is pretty old, being erected in 1904. Initially, it was a residential building but it then became a police commissariat. A while after that it was restored to its original purpose which it continues to serve today. The apartment’s new interior design completed in 2016 by Interjero Architektura reflects the building’s history by featuring an eclectic style which blends modern, vintage and industrial.

The combination of colors and finishes is very elegant and glamorous and takes many different formsA special emphasis was put on the height of the ceiling using several different design strategiesA wood-paneled wall adds a touch of contrast to the living room decorThe door to the bedroom is perfectly concealed within the pattern of the wood panelsThe wall actually hides two doors, the second one leading into the bathroom adjacent to the sleeping area

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An important characteristic of the apartment is the fact that it has high ceilings. This allowed the designers to employ various design strategies meant to put a focus on the ceilings and to highlight them in interesting ways. For instance, they built a sort of mezzanine level above the kitchen which offers extra storage facilities. In the living room, they decorated a section of the ceiling with patterned wallpaper, creating symmetry between the floor and the ceiling.

The kitchen is framed with tinted glass panels that seem to also form a mezzanine structure
The L-shaped counter in the kitchen has lots of built-in storage underneath thanks to all the cabinetryThe kitchen counter extends to also form a bar alongside the lounge spaceOne of the strategies used for emphasizing the height of the ceiling involves patterned wallpaper

Other interior design strategies are meant to make the space feel extra cozy and inviting. For example, the beadboard paneling in the living space adds color and texture to the decor but also conceals the doors to the bedroom and its adjacent bathroom. Other quirky details include the brass chandelier and the matching light fixtures used throughout the apartment, including the bathroom.

The light fixtures throughout the apartment feature copper accents that add a glamorous touch to the decorFor the bedroom, the designers chose the ombre technique as a way to mirror the skyA wide window sill can be used as a display platform or even as a cozy seating nookThe bedroom decor is cozy and inviting, featuring herringbone flooring and layered textures

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For the bedroom, the designers chose to paint one of the walls using an ombre effect. The white and blue design mimics the clear sky that can be seen through the window. The bathroom, which is adjacent to the bedroom and accessible via one of the hidden doors in the living room, has a black and white design with brass accents.

The bathroom is really cozy too, in spite of white being the predominant colorThe floor tiles feature a random pattern combination and maintain a black and white comboOnce again, a touch of wood warms up the space and copper accents add glamour to the decor



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