Seaside Mumbai Residence Stands Out With Rounded Walls and Luxurious Materials

Overlooking the spectacular ‘Queens Necklace’ coast in Mumbai, this luxury apartment is just as much a special gem as the is the view. The apartment is in Walkeshwar and was designed by ZZ Architects of India, a well-known architecture and interior design studio. No detail was omitted in the design and decoration of the opulent residence by Covet House, from the magnificent inlaid floors to the bespoke furniture and everything in between.

A fantastic and unique sea-facing apartment in Walkeshwar, India with a spectacular view of the famed Mumbai ‘Queens Necklace’ coast. Although the overall layout was a typical grid formed apartment layout there was a deliberate attempt to create something out of the ordinary both in terms of layout and then ultimately finishes, producing an eccentric and jaw-dropping final result. Recognized for its high-end, contemporary luxury homes, each project is a custom design that caters exactly to what the client wants.

The open-plan space is essentially a grid layout, however, the designers were able to transform it into a home filled with sinuous curves and unexpected architectural and design features. The airy and open living room is a mélange of textures and textures and colors, expertly put together in a collection the defies categorization. Curved sofas help frame the amazing central motif on the floor, which has a bit of an Art Deco feel. The geometric pattern on the feature wall behind the sofa is a more rigid counterpoint to the organic lines of the floor lamp and Eden coffee tables from Boca Do Lobo. It is meant to present a slice of the tree of knowledge and evoke the tale about the birth of desire. Crafted from polished cast brass, the top is engraved to simulate the rings and heart of the tree.

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The free-flowing curves of the main living space extend into the dining room. The windows in the space were redesigned to have seamless glass for an uninterrupted view. In addition, the designers took great pains to fashion the large, oversized windows to have minimal framing to further preserve the view. Also, the ceilings are low, as are the structural beams, which were artfully camouflaged to make space feel open yet intimate. The airy and glossy interior is emphasized with the brass Fortuna Dining Table from Boca do Lobo, which is paired with a custom chandelier drat draws the eye to the view and does not distract from it. The large, organically shaped table is paired with elegant Chandra Dining Chairs from KOKET which manage to meld the vibe of vintage glamour with modern edginess.

Tucked into the corner of the dining room by the window, the Newton Freestanding Basin from Maison Valentina is more like a functional sculpture than just a washbasin. The clever placement of the agate wall behind it pairs perfectly with the glossy black and gold globes that make up the column of the washbasin. The organic shape of the piece is made from cast aluminum spheres form a small tabletop around the sink.

Shaped like an open capsule, the kitchen has curved counters that surround the arced central island that is made from matte glass. The color palette combines white cabinetry and counters with a patterned wall in shades of gray and a striped marble floor. Of course, the kitchen has all the state-of-art appliances that are needed, all craftily hidden away until needed. Along the counter, the bar stool version of the Charla Dining Chair from Koket are upholstered in a gray textile that coordinates with the wall and provides a soft textural counterpoint in the space.

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The section of the kitchen on the other side of the wall is more of the “business” end of the space: It has the same general layout but includes the cooktop in the island instead of dining or workspace.

The master bedroom is a grandiose space that is fully focused on the unparalleled view outside. The bed is the focal point in the room and is oriented so that it faces the television at one angle and window to the other. In this bedroom, design, the space was completely reorganized to be rounded, without the typically defined square room, which is emphasized by the marble floor with a ringed inlay around the periphery. Completely directed toward luxury and comfort, the room has seating, shelf space, built-in bedside tables along with a secondary nightstand on one side.  The curved wall on one side features a padded and tufted geometric design that adds a soft touch and helps absorb more sound.

Of course, a luxury apartment with a view like this would not be complete without a balcony and this one makes the most of the view by incorporating a sold glass wall instead of railing. In addition, the curved aesthetic from the outside is repeated on the terrace with the bench that runs its length and forms a wider seating and table space at one end. Whether the owners are enjoying the view as a solo couple or entertaining a crowd, the space and the view are magnificent.



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