Renovated Apartment Welcomes The Outdoors Into Every Room

This apartment in Panama City was in bad need of a renovation. First of all, the old distribution of the rooms was not suitable for a contemporary lifestyle and didn’t suit the needs and requirements of the new owners. Also, the old layout couldn’t be furnished in a functional manner given the arrangement and the shapes and sizes of the rooms. The spaces were large but they weren’t interconnected and this meant a lot of space always remained unused.

Sky in Every Room apartment terrace viewThe renovation of the apartment focused mainly on welcoming the outdoors inSky in Every Room apartment terrace diningThis space used to be closed balcony which didn’t really have any functional value

The apartment occupied the entire 26th floor of a 30 year old building. It was renovated by Dos G Arquitectos, a young firm established in 2010 which specializes in architecture, interior and industrial design. The studio was established by Ginette Gotti and Ivan Grippaldi who managed to find the balance between their different professional and cultural backgrounds.

Sky in Every Room apartment outdoor dining area sunsetThe renovation transformed it into a covered terrace ideal for an al fresco dining spaceSky in Every Room apartment outdoor dining at nightThe terrace offers panoramic views of the city which can also be admired from inside the apartmentSky in Every Room apartment entrywayMost of the original layout was modified in order to better connect the spacesSky in Every Room apartment indoor dining spaceThe interior dining space is adjacent to the entrance, the two being separated by a divider

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The designers focused on finding the best way to redirect the attention to the views, to welcome the outdoors in and to make the sky a part of each room’s interior decor. Also objective of the project was to transform the layout and to adapt it to the demands of its new owners and their modern lifestyle. Some of the partitions had to be demolished in order to connect the spaces and to change their dimensions, orientation and shape.

Sky in Every Room apartment interior dining spaceThe two dining areas are adjacent to each other and serve similar purposesSky in Every Room apartment indoor dining areaThe social areas are connected to the terrace through sliding glass doorsSky in Every Room apartment home officeEach room benefits from abundant natural light and views of the sky

Because the apartment occupies an entire floor, the designers were free to make some bold changes. They redesigned the entire lobby and created a new entry with a more formal and simplified design. They also created a separate entry for the part of the apartment that contains the kitchen, laundry room, service areas and home office.

Sky in Every Room apartment living areaThe living space is open and bright but also scarcely furnishedSky in Every Room apartment living room loungeThere is no chandelier in the living area. Instead the designers chose a large floor lampSky in Every Room apartment kid bedroomThe new distribution of the spaces also allowed the designers to create a new guest room

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The kitchen was extended and connected to the terrace. The counter doubles as a bar and this creates a smooth transition between the space while also allowing the kitchen to freely communicate with the outdoor dining space.

Sky in Every Room apartment kitchen door to terraceThe kitchen was initially a completely separate room with no access to the balconySky in Every Room apartment kitchen sliding doorsThe new kitchen design has access to the terrace and features sliding glass doorsSky in Every Room apartment wall decorThe colors are kept simple and neutral in order to emphasize the views

The master bedroom got new, bigger windows which welcome the panoramic views of the city inside while also bringing in lots of natural light. The rest of the decor in the room was kept minimalist so no striking feature would distract the attention from the views.

Sky in Every Room apartment bedroom layoutThe bedroom offers exquisite and panoramic views on two sidesSky in Every Room apartment bedroom viewsThere’s little furniture and no unnecessary accessories in the room

The new interior design is based on sober and neutral colors, the focus being mainly on the views.

Sky in Every Room apartment bathroomThe same simplicity was also applied to the bathroom



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