Refurbished Triplex With a Gorgeous New Interior Design

Decorating an entire triplex and completely redefining the space is no easy task but designers Lenka Mikova and Marketa bromova managed to work together and to do a really great job. Their work is based on a deep understanding of each client’s needs and lifestyle and a collaborative approach with various experts in order to obtain the best results each time.


The triplex we mentioned is located in Prague, n the Czech Republic. It measures a total of 180 square meters organized on three floors. The interior was totally remodeled and refurbished in 2015. The client wanted the new look to be inspired by American mid-century interiors and the fact that the apartment had a great view made things a bit easier.


In order to give the apartment the desired look, the designers chose to use clean and simple shapes as not to overwhelm the space. They also chose to focus on textures and sophisticated combinations of materials and colors. This allowed them to make minimal details stand out in a very stylish manner.


There’s a really nice emphasis on the natural texture and color of the materials used throughout the apartment. A nice detail is the fact that on each of the three floors the designers used different colors and types of surfaces. Each time the choice was based on the use and function of the room.

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The new layout treats each of the three floors as a different zone. The middle level is where all the common spaces are situated. This is also where the entrance is located. The living room, an open kitchen and dining area can all be found here.


The living area features a large natural oak unit which connects and at the same time divides the lounge area and kitchen. It incorporates a TV niche, a fireplace below that and a built-in bar. The wall opposite to the unit remained free and this allows paintings and artwork to be displayed here.


Sliding glass doors connect the social areas to an outdoor terrace with a panoramic view of the city. The dining area is positioned by the glass walls and doors in order to take in all the beauty and to offer a really wonderful ambiance.



Another interesting details is the fact that the kitchen area can be concealed when not in use. This can be done with the help of a wooden door which covers the appliances and a series of sliding panels that hide everything else.


The kitchen island remains visible at all times. It features beautiful Carrara marble and it looks elegant and refined. The middle floor also includes a separate space which can be used as both a workspace and as a storage room.

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The floor below this one is dedicated to the kids. Down here, a small hallway allows the playroom to be extended a bit more when needed. The bedrooms are connected by a sliding door and they also share a walk-in closet. Also, they have access to a common outdoor terrace which continues out into the garden.



The bathroom is bright and cheerful, with decorative floor tiles and a pattern that continue up on the walls and give the space a graphical and colorful look. Everything else is simple and neutral.



The upper level is the parent’s zone. This is where the master bedroom, home office, a walk-in closet and a large bathroom are located. Like the rest of the apartment, this floor features floor-to-ceiling doors, a design element meant to make the spaces look higher and bigger.



The parents’ bathroom features a false slatted ceiling which conceals the revision openings, all the pipes and cables and ventilation system ad which also integrates the lighting fixtures. The combination of dark tiles and wooden furniture establishes an elegant and sophisticated look and ambiance emphasized by quirky details such as the aged brass fittings. The walk-in shower is a beautiful minimal detail which doesn’t obstruct the space in any way.





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