Open Apartment Uses Wood To Define Its Interior Spaces

The selection of materials is an important step when creating an interior design. It can influence the way the space looks and feels once the project is completed. Similarly, the chromatic palette used in a space has a lot to do with the ambiance and the way that space is perceived by those using it.

Open apartment by modelina living room seating area

When designing this apartment in Poznan, Poland, the team at mode:lina architekci applied their usual approach. That meant taking into consideration the client’s needs right from the start. The company was founded in 2009 by Pawel Garus and Jerzy Wozniak and its goal is always to create long-lasting projects which suit the client’s needs.

Open apartment by modelina living room wood unit

This is an open and spacious apartment which measures 80 square meters(861 square feet). Its layout mixes private and public spaces and has an overall flexible character. The clients wanted this to be a place where they can entertain guests, play games and have casual dinners.

Open apartment by modelina living room unit open doors

The architects designed the apartment with plenty of space for cooking and for friendly meetings. At the same time, they maintained the design and décor versatile and flexible so different types of activities can be performed in the same space without requiring major changes.

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Open apartment by modelina living room shades of gray

Wood was chosen as a primary material. As usually, the wood adds warmth to the décor, making it feel welcoming and cozy. It also gives the apartment elegance without making it look too sober. The large wall unit in the living room is the main feature for the entire social area.

Open apartment by modelina living room gray walls

This unit offers a lot of storage space and also accommodates a few kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator which was built into the side of the unit.

Open apartment by modelina kitchen island

The kitchen is placed in the continuation of the wood volume. It’s a minimalist space with simple, white lower cabinetry and no wall-mounted furniture.

Open apartment by modelina kitchen design

The kitchen island has a wooden shell which coordinates with the rest of the wood elements in the apartment, maintaining a cohesive look throughout. The three metallic pendant lamps hanging above it create a beautiful play of textures, adding some spark to this area as well as to the living room design.

Open apartment by modelina home office exposed windows

Gray is the accent color chosen to complement the wood together with the white elements. Different shades of gray were used throughout the apartment. The accent walls in the living room, the sectional sofa, the bar stools and the kitchen island all use them elegantly. The seating area is a comfortable and cozy space. The wood floor section separates it from the rest of the open floor plan while also allowing it to feel like a natural part of the whole.

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Open apartment by modelina home office wall unit

The same combination of gray and wood was also used in the home office where an asymmetrical wall unit serves as a focal point and where a soft animal hide rug adds texture and warmth to the space. The windows were left exposed for increased natural light.

Open apartment by modelina bedroom minimalism

Open apartment by modelina bedroom wall sconces

The bedroom shares a few characteristics with the public area, mostly thanks to the wood flooring. Its décor is minimalistic. This is a bedroom without a TV and without internet. It was meant as a space where one can relax by reading a book or by meditating.

Open apartment by modelina bathroom sinks

A beautiful balance was maintained in the case of the bathroom as well. Everything from the wall color to the shower tile and the small details is in perfect sync.

Open apartment by modelina bathroom balanced decor



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