Old Warehouse Turned Into A Loft With Interior Court And Glass Roof

The 3,000 square feet on the top floor and roof of an old caviar warehouse in New York have been recently converted into a very chic and very interesting home for its new owners. The building was originally built in 1884 and, although it had its charm, was in need of a major transformation if it was to serve as a living space. The project was conducted by Andrew Franz, a company founded in 2003 that believes “design should inspire, incite, complement and celebrate our lives” an idea that was beautifully translated into a design that truly stands out.


Their philosophy to find simple and elegant solutions for complex ideas allowed the architects to come up with features such as a retractable glass roof and a sunken interior court, both serving as focal points for the new design of the warehouse loft. The apartment now features large and open entertainment zones that blend old and new elements in a harmonious and fluid composition. The indoor-outdoor connection is smooth and fluid as well thanks to the major elements described above.

Design should inspire, incite, complement and celebrate our lives. It should serve our legacies and our relationship with the environment.

The team used modern materials in combination with restored or reclaimed ones. For example, the old roof timbers were converted into treads and landings for the custom steel staircase that’s now a part of the interior design.

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The social area contains the seating space, kitchen and dining zone and is a double-height space with exposed ceiling beams, exposed brick walls, large supporting wooden beams and hanging globe chandeliers that add a glamorous touch to the décor. A staircase connects this zone to the interior courtyard.

The dining area is defined by a greenish-blue carpet that matches the sofa in the seating area. It’s furnished with a simple table with an oval top and a set of classic matching chairs. The hanging pendant lamp has a bit of industrial flair although it’s really graceful and even futuristic in a sense.

The kitchen is decorated with bright shades of red and golden accents in the form of three suspended light fixtures hanging above the island which also doubles as a bar. It’s a bit modern, a bit rustic and even a bit steampunk.

In addition to looking good, the kitchen also adds to the apartment’s eco-friendly side, featuring energy-efficient appliances. This can also be said about the rest of the spaces.

NYC warehouse loft bedroom

The bedrooms are inviting and spacious, defined by the same brick walls seen in the social zone. Their interior décor is eclectic, mixing old and new, various textures, finishes and materials in a very pleasant manner.

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Their en-suite bathrooms are glamorous and chic, with warm and pleasant accent lighting, simple and classy features and textured walls. The dark colors ensure a cozy and intimate ambiance without necessarily making the space seem cluttered or tiny.

Old warehouse turned into a loft rooftop

The interior court with its retractable glass roof is definitely the eye-catching zone. The inhabitants can access it to reach the roof terrace, a fresh and vibrant space populated with native plants and comfortable furniture, an ideal place for relaxation.

NYC Rooftop garden of the renovated



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