Old Apartment Remodeled Using A Monochromatic Approach

The apartment you’re looking at is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, in a building that dates back to the 70’s. Although pretty old, the structure is in good shape and constant renovations each individual apartment in great condition. This particular one has a total surface of 150 square meters and in 2016 got a completely redesigned interior. The project was successfully completed by architect Oshir Asaban.

The apartment is in a building that dates back to the 70s but its new design doesn’t suggest itThe new layout is a simple and practical one, with two main zones separated by a hallwayIn the social area, the windows are large and they reveal the adjacent balcony

The interior of the apartment was completely transformed. First, everything was taken down in order to start over from scratch. As a result, the space was restructured and reorganized in order to be tailored to the needs and preferences of the new tenants. The architect chose a very simple and timeless color palette for the new interior decor. The apartment is now decorated in black and white. This ensures a look that never really goes out of style.

The living area has an elongated layout which is emphasized by the custom furnitureThe open floor plan incorporates a separate space for diningA large window offers a lovely view for the dining space while also bringing in natural lightThe dining table has a round top which makes the space particularly cozy and inviting

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The entrance lobby divides the apartment into two zones. On one side there’s the public area which contains the living space, the open kitchen and the dining area. On the other side of the hallway is the private zone which houses two bedrooms, a family room and two bathrooms.

The kitchen is open and part of an open floor plan yet it has its own identityThere’s lots of storage space inside the black wall unit at the back

The social area is a very bright and open space. Natural light enters through the large windows and the length of the whole space is niceely emphasized by a custom-built wall unit. As far as the layout goes for this area, the lounge space is at the core with the kitchen and the dining space occupying the rest of the floor plan. There’s also a direct connection to the utility room and an open view to the balcony.

The balcony is not fully enclosed and was kept this way for this closeness to the surroundings
Plenty of potted plants were included in the decor in order to add some color and contrastThe accent furniture pieces are minimalist and monochromatic

The dining area is a really cozy and bright space, with a large window that overlooks the garden and a round table that creates a really cozy and pleasant mood. It shares this portion of the apartment with a small workspace placed in the corner.

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Black and white are the chosen colors for the entire apartmentThe private area is decorated using the same color optionsA single wide window completes the symmetrical decor in the case of this particular bedroomSubtle wood accents make the sleeping areas feel warm and comfortable

The monochrome palette which defines the entire apartment is complemented by brass, copper, iron and wood accents and this lovely combination can be best admired in the private areas. The bedrooms look and feel surprisingly warm and welcoming thanks to their layered design and the abundance of different textures which complete the look.

This tiny bedroom is surprisingly roomy considering all the furniture pieces present hereThe master bathroom has a built-in tub and funky floor tiles with a repetitive pattern
The vanity in the bathroom matches the bedroom unit, creating a cohesive link between the spaces

The bathroom are no less chic either. They continue the minimalistic chromatic palette in a way that allows them to stay cool and simple without feeling austere or too cold and unappealing. The occasional brass hardware accents on a vanity or the quirky tile pattern on the floor make these spaces a true part of the apartment.

The shower space has a dark chromatic palette with accent pieces meant to make it cozyThe lighting in the bathrooms is well balances, including both natural and artificial sources



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