Old Apartment Gets A Fresh Look That Blends Past And Present

The area known as Roma found at the center of Mexico City was once a lake (Lake Texcoco). It has a muddy soil base and amplified seismic waves, hence the substantial damage suffered by the buildings in the area during the 1985 earthquake. This pretty much scared everyone in the area and the zone became abandoned until recently when the buildings started being renovated.

The apartment was reorganized and restructured and now features two distinct zonesThe social zone is spacious and has a double-height ceiling

One such renovation is that of this apartment. The space was re-designed by Cadaval & Sola-Morales in 2015. The architects chose to pretty much start over and to give the apartment a new configuration and a new look. The 90 square meters of space were divided into two zones. One is a double-height space which serves as a public area and the other has low ceilings and houses a series of small and cozy spaces.

A staircase and a black storage unit delineate the open space from the rest of the roomsThe social area is composed of a small open kitchen, a dining nook and a casual seating space

Not everything in here is new. The original arched windows were preserved and the brick walls were integrated beautifully into the new design, being exposed in some rooms. Also, the designers chose to leave the ceiling unfinished in some parts of the apartment as a way to bring back a part of its history.

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The brick walls were painted white making the room more spacious while preserving the textureThe new design is eclectic, combining industrial, traditional and modern elements

The public zone is a spacious and open area which combines a small kitchen, a dining area and a casual seating area. Together they form the social space. Even if the three functions are ultimately part of the same space, they each have a unique character. The kitchen, for example, is entirely black. The dining area features bold touches of yellow and has a really cheerful look.

The upper level overlooks the public space and there’s no material separator between themThe dining space is placed in the corner facing the open kitchen and the main color used here is yellowA staircase made of wood and metal offers access to the upper level which contains the sleeping areas and a small home office

The original brick walls were exposed here and there but in most of the apartment they were painted white. This way the space looks bigger which is a plus for those rooms that have small windows.

One of the bedrooms has white-painted walls and a bookshelf dividerThe other bedroom has an exposed brick feature wall and an unfinished ceiling

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The bedrooms are small but cozy and comfortable. They only include the most basic of furniture pieces such as the bed and the headboard. One of the bedrooms also has a bookshelf that doubles as a small divider. The other features an unfinished ceiling and a brick accent wall.

The bedrooms are small but cozy and they get some natural light through their small windowsAn interesting contrast is created throughout the apartment between the rough unfinished surfaces and the smooth new additions



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