Minimalist Apartment With Ethno Vibes And A Unique Array Of Textures

The secret to creating an interior decor that’s minimalist and monochromatic is to avoid being too simple and to compensate for the lack of strong colors or vivid contrasts in some other way. Architect and designer Victoria Yakusha did a wonderful job when transforming this apartment into a beautiful, bright and open home for a young couple and their child. The project was a collaboration with Faina Design and you can see some of their products sprinkled around the apartment.

The apartment has a very simple and neutral palette of materials and colorsThe walls and ceiling are white and occasionally designed to stand outThe decor elements stand out through texture rather than color

The clients lead an active lifestyle and they wanted this apartment to be a serene and relaxing space, a place where they can feel free and where harmony can define them. The architect chose a simple and warm ethno style and spaces that are minimalist without being monotonous or sterile.

Glass, wood, concrete and plaster are the main materials used throughout the apartmentThe living area feels very cozy and inviting despite having a neutral chromatic palette

The minimalism of the decor consists in the choice of materials and colors. Wood, ceramic, glass and metal come together harmoniously, complementing each other in a very natural and seamless manner. However, even though very simple overall, the apartment is sprinkled with all sorts of interesting elements and details which help it avoid looking austere and bland.

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The kitchen and dining area are semi-detached from the living spaceThe kitchen is minimalistic, with white cabinetry, no visible hardware and LED accent lightingThere’s no physical barrier between the living room and the kitchen area

These unexpected elements that we mentioned take many different forms. They can be a certain painting technique or a texture on a wall, a certain color tone, a particular combination of materials, a custom decoration or an eye-catching form. The designer played with colors, shapes and textures in various ways to create unique effects.

The private areas are just as simple but they feel incredibly welcoming
The master bedroom has a large storage unit which occupies an entire wallA lot of care and attention were given to the lighting in all the rooms of the apartment

The apartment, named Ethno White, has this very clean, spacious and light decor which also feels very warm, inviting and comfortable. This combination is achieved through a careful selection of the materials, colors and textures. A lot of attention was given to the way everything feels from a tactile point of view.

There’s a very bright and open ambiance everywhere even though the windows are not exactly hugeA sleek and stylish desk is placed in front of the window to take advantage of the natural lightWhite is the main color used in the apartment. It’s complemented by warm neutrals

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Some of the accent walls are covered in a type of special plaster based on natural clay and there’s usually a very carefully balanced mixture of finishes, with matte and glossy surfaces alternating with wood, clay, plaster and concrete. Overall, the apartment has a very familiar, warm and authentic feel.

The master bathroom has this very soothing and inviting look given by the wall finishA glass partition seamlessly frames the walk-in shower

The various different textures and finishes complement the monochromatic color scheme, giving the apartment the unique look and ambiance that make it a wonderfully pleasant home.

The second bathroom is a lot brighter, with white walls and featuresOnce again, an accent wall serves as a focal point of attention for the roomOn the hallway, the focal point is a mosaic of clay circles



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