LEGO-Inspired Apartment Puts A Playful Spin On Design

There’s no maximum age limit for LEGO toys, regardless of what the box says. You don’t have to be a kid to like to play with LEGO blocks and you definitely don’t have to be a kid to want your home to be LEGO-inspired. Yes, you can actually do this and if you need pictures to prove it have a look at the interior design created by HAO Design Studio for this apartment in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan open plan sociala rea

The apartment measures a total of 122 square meters and was redesigned in 2015 when a LEGO-inspired theme was chosen for the entire space. The designers managed to find the right combination of practical and fun by combining playful elements with minimalist or neutral ones.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan living room wall unit

Given that this is only a LEGO-inspired project, all the references are not necessarily to scale and they don’t reflect the actual LEGO colors. They are, nevertheless, very suggestive. The living area is defined by a playful island resembling a swimming pool.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan sunken seating

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan pool-like seating area

This is in fact a round sunken seating area with a central depression that makes it resemble a pool or a ball pit. The rich blue sectional is embedded into a raised platform with built-in storage. The drawers integrated into the elevated floor surface are designed to look like LEGO building blocks.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan elevated platform

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The height variation in the case of the floor also has the role of better defining each functional zone in addition to including all this useful storage. The play pond seating area is the focal point of attention for the living space while the kitchen and dining area are situation at the opposite end of the floor plan.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan curvaceous wall shelves

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan surfboard-shaped bar

The rich blue of the sofas coordinate with the pool-style handrail at the entrance, the aquamarine tiles, the surfboard-shaped bar as well as other small details to set a theme.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan lego drawers under platform

The living room walls include diverse shelving options. One of the walls, for example, features a set of curvaceous open wood shelves while another one is covered with a massive wall unit that incorporates hidden storage and a few open cubbies featuring bold colors.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan kitchen orange and gray combo

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan kitchen drawers

The concrete gray used for the walls throughout the apartment enhance the design and color of the furniture, especially in the case of the kitchen. The combination of concrete gray and cheerful tangerine is perfect.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan dining area wall decor

The dining area is defined by a multifunctional table/ bar. It has a waterfall edge on one side and is supported by LEGO-inspired modules on the other. These modules have different colors and double as storage drawers. Next to the table is a compact module formed of simple white furniture with built-in appliances and a chalkboard wall.

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LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan dining table LEGO drawers

The color combination displayed so far is reiterated throughout the apartment in a lot of forms. One example is the ceiling fan. In addition to this, the LEGO references are also nicely spread throughout the rooms and come in a lot of quirky forms. Check out the pixelated Vincent Van Gogh made of LEGO pieces or the real LEGO accessories displayed in the green corner section of the white wall unit.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan bedroom color palette

The bedrooms are situated on the opposite side of the apartment and their interior designs are also fun and colorful, featuring bright green headboard walls and en-suite doors combined with shades of turquoise and gray.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan bedroom furniture

White is the main color in the case of the second bedroom and blue and yellow are the accent colors. The designers used softer shades in this case in order to establish a tranquil and relaxing ambiance.

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan bedroom pastel colors

LEGO-inpired apartment in Taiwan bedroom closet

Given how fun and creative this whole project was, we can easily understand why the team at HAO Design jumped at the chance to make it stand out and to include giant LEGO building blocks whenever possible. The entire design brings childhood memories to life but in a classy and grown-up way.



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